Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

This year Andrew was such a big help with the Christmas decorating.  I think he is taking after his daddy.

Of course I had to do the one job that I do ....Put the angel on the top.   I do help a little.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Do I Really Trust Him

Many of us say that we completely TRUST God and his plans for our lives.  I personally thought I had that one down pat until.....  Ti (my sweet darling of a two year old) has been sick for a long time.  He always seems to have some type of runny nosy or is cranky for some reason.  After having him allergy tested for various things it was decided that he did not have allergies per say he had irritants.  Basically we try to restrict his diet so that the side effects of what he does eat are mild and easy to handle.  And of course he takes zyrtec every night and mucinex every morning which helps some also.  After going back to the allergist we all decided it was time for him to go to the ENT doctor.  His snoring was so loud that it was impossible for anyone to be in the room and try to rest while he was sleeping.  IT WAS BAD.

At the visit to the ENT doctor it was decided that he needed his adenoids and tonsils removed.  They really don't like to do it on someone this young but he needed it done NOW.  The surgery was scheduled for two weeks later.

Of course at this point I started praying for safety.  Really, God has never allowed anything major to happen to my children.  The what ifs starting going through my head.  What if God chose to let something happen, how would I handle it.  As I was praying I kept hearing this soft voice (that's just how God speaks to me) "do you trust me...do you trust me with  one of your most prized  possessions....yeah you'll trust me with your housing, your money, your job but what about this"  At this point I started questioning myself....have I given everything to him.  Do I trust him with my most "prized possession" (my children). I came to the realization that I need to work on this area.  I need to remember that God is always good, he does not make a mistake, and he loves my children more than I could ever think about.  He loves them with a perfect love because he is a perfect God.

So now here I sit in the hospital room with a sleeping two year old beside me.  Yes God did choose to have the surgery go perfectly.  The Doctor told us that his adenoids were taking up 70% of his airway along with having huge tonsils.  Yes, God did know that he needed the surgery and yes he was protecting him before and through it.  This is the third day in the hospital and we are waiting for Titus to choose to drink something so we can go home (obviously we can't make a two year old drink).  Hopefully if things would have turned out differently I would have praised God in that storm also.  How about you?   Can  you identify with me and have a little bit of trouble in that Trust department?  Is there anything that has helped you be able to give Him EVERYTHING? 

It's hard to play the ipod with just one hand.  Dad is helping.

Ti and Papaw playing piggies before the surgery