Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chili Cook Off

Well after much hard work we got in the money. Each year it seems that we put the effort out but never get any of the reward. This year we placed third overall. $35.00 to Jim's Razorback WooHoo!!! We plan on using it at one of our group times. I am sure it had mostly to do with our theme. I was actually pretty proud. Amanda did a great job of getting it all together and making the skit.

Our theme was Tool Time. Yes that is a video playing above the set. We are such high-tech people.

Heidi - Kendra
Wilson - Brian
Tim -Tim
Al - Calvin

Here is a picture of our whole connection group

The Cooks made the chili and I made the cookie that we entered. I have to say I don't think my cookie got us very far. Most of us stayed after church Sunday morning and put the site together. Calvin and Timmy had went up on Saturday and actually made the set we just did the paper work on Sunday. It took us all afternoon. Brian was gracious enough to take our kids home with him while we stayed and worked. I don't know how much work I really did. Bending over is a challenge. We were all so tired by the time we got home that evening. Even if we didn't get first place we did have a really cool set.

It's Official

Well after our little adventure to the hospital last week we decided we needed to get some things done. You know like finish the room, put the crib up, get the car seat, get some diapers you know little things like that not to mention to pick a name.
Last night he got the crib together. My mom made the bedding for it. It has lady bugs and dragon flies on it. I have a picture that Miranda is finishing up for me to go above the bed. I think I will probably put two different ones above the bed. The one she is writing for me right now says "Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so." I haven't thought of a good suggestion for another one. They are 12x12 frames. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
With all the ice Tim decided to stay home from work. He used the morning time to finish putting some things up in the babies room.

Now for what I am sure everyone has been waiting on. The announcement of the name. Of course this will change it HE is really a GIRL. I don't have much confidence in doctors can you tell.

Wait for it. I know you can handle the excitement.

Well we have decided on Titus Lane. Titus is biblical. He was a very dependable church worker in the Bible. My dad's name is Lannie so the Lane kinda comes from his name. Timmy had been taking his time on deciding on how to spell the first name and to decide on the middle name. The choice has been made and we are sticking to it. I think!!!!

What a Heart

I noticed the other day that our newest dog looks like he has a heart on his head. I think that is quite funny. He is a very loving dog even if he is not too smart. We saved him from going to the pound. He sheds a lot but at least he wasn't hard to potty train. Tell me what you think. I think it definitely looks like a heart.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Well I have decided to participate in Not Me Monday so here are some things I would have never done in the past week.

Wait to brush my teeth until 4pm. That would be way to gross.

Stay in my pajamas all day to clean house, at least until my male neighbour with his child shows up at the front door. Of course my 4 year old son would not go ahead and let them in while I am running to the bedroom to put some clothes on. Of course I would be dressed by 4pm.

I would not decide to clean my filter in my vacuum cleaner while my children are eating supper. Of course they would not need to cover their drinks so that all the dirt flying through the air would not turn their SunnyD brown. Then I would not go out into the garage and use the air compressor to blow the rest of the dirt out of the filter. Of course if I were not able to see afterwards I would immediately realize that it is because my glasses are covered with dirt and there really isn't a haze throughout the whole house.

The good mom that I am would not be excited that my husband is taking my children to basketball practice and I get to be by myself for about 2 hours.

I would not want to name my last post "spooning" and then after looking it up on the internet find out that some people think of that as sex not just as cuddling. Of course I would have heard of this before.

I of course am to good a mom to allow my children to play video games and watch TV for most of the day they are out of school. I would personally help them make homemade cookies and play educational games with them or read them Bible stories and do a corresponding craft. Of course I am that kind of mom.

I would never send them out in the cold with their bib overalls on because they are wrestling in the house. Of course I would make sure they had actually put their shoes on before they went outside.

I would never make no bake cookies while they are gone to basketball and eat half of them before they return. Of course I wouldn't do this knowing that I have to weigh on Thursday at the doctor's office. I also would not eat them while they are still warm requiring me to use the spoon and I would not drop any on my protruding stomach. Of course if I did that I wouldn't just role up the bottom of my shirt to cover it while I did laundry so that I didn't get any chocolate on the clean towels. That would just be lazy.

My dogs wouldn't refuse to lay on the couch in my office after I put a blanket on it so that they would quit shedding on it. They wouldn't decide to lay in the recliner instead. Of course they wouldn't be that spoiled.

These are just a few of the things that I would never do.

Its a Dog's Life

I think they like each other. They are both spoiled.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fun With Friends

Right after Christmas our friends Mandy and Maryssa got to go with us to the park one afternoon. Here are some pictures.

Maryssa is such a sweet girl. They all play so good together. I am convinced that she will marry one of my boys. hehe That is the reason I have to take her picture with each one of the boys. I am preparing for the slide show at the wedding. Of course both set of parents have agreed they can start dating when they are 30. The only bad thing is that they live 6 hours a way and we only get to see them a couple of times a year. We are already looking forward to the next time when they come up.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Things to Remember

As I was laying in bed this morning I was thinking about some of the things that I hope I will always remember about my children. Here are just a few of them.

The way Noah use to rub my eyebrows or eyelashes or Timmy's goatee to go to sleep when he has a baby.

Being so worried when Noah came home from the hospital. Wondering if he was ever going to poop. Boy did we celebrate when it actually happened.

The way you could tell Noah to give someone the look when he as the baby and we thought it was the cutest thing ever.

Noah FINALLY potty training when he was three. After locking him outside on the back porch and telling him to clean it up himself. (we aren't very good parents sometimes)

Breaking a yard stick on Noah trying to give him a spanking for biting. It broke three different times, you would have thought I would have learned after the first time. I remember thinking he would probably be a biter for the rest of his life. I am happy to say he does not have that habit any longer.

Noah having to have his appendix out when he was five. It was so icy outside.

Noah's bicycle wreck when he was six and staying at the hospital till 4 am so they could put a few stitches in and glue his chin shut.

Andrew potty training before the age of two and me having to do nothing. He just decided he wanted to wear big boy underwear.

Andrew getting in bed with me every morning and drinking a warm sippy cup of hot chocolate and him throwing a fit if we didn't have any made. It has to be the homemade kind.

Andrew being so good at entertaining himself. He can go into his room and play with his little men for hours.

Andrew asking me why he couldn't eat his boogers. Me not being able to convince him that they were bad for him. Andrew telling me he had one stuck in his teeth.

Noah being convinced he is the smartest kid in his first grade class.

Andrew knowing his right and left but not being able to spell his name or say the alphabet. Figure that one out.

Andrew being a great colorer at the age of 4.

Noah being very competitive in sports of all kinds. Andrew not showing much interest in sports.

These are just some of the things I want to remember.

My Sweet Andrew

While cuddling in bed this morning.

Andrew "I want to be a ninja football player when I grow up"


Andrew "So I can hit people with my head"

Isn't he such a sweet boy. haha

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Walmart - AARGH

Well today I went to Walmart thinking it wouldn't be that bad. Everybody should be taking their Sunday nap right, WRONG!!!! It was awful. I guess UofA starts next week. You could barely get through the aisles. After I finally got everything on my list. Except for waffles (how is it that I always forget something and it was on my list). I went to check out. I was a little slow getting everything up onto the conveyor. The cashier actually said to me. "All the bags are full" Excuse me but could you give a big fat pregnant person a break. Put a few bags on top of the bag holder to give me a few more seconds. I didn't actually say anything back to her but I would have liked to. How hard would it have been for her to take a couple of steps around her little spot and set a few of the bags in the cart. I am sure she had been very busy but really did she have to be so rude. I guess I should be thankful I don't have a job where I have to spend hours on my feet. But IF I was a Walmart cashier I would definitely have a little patience with the pregnant person that just spent an hour making her way through a very crowded Walmart. Anyway, I just wanted to vent a little.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just So You Know

For all those wondering minds. When you use Parkhill clinic and you are having a baby this is what happens. Your very first visit they give you a cup and tell you to bring it to each one of your doctor's visits during your pregnancy with a sample of your first morning pee. This in itself is kinda confusing. Is this my 2am, 3am, 5am bathroom break or is it when I actually get out of bed for the day. Anyway for all of those who were wondering they test it, rinse out the cup and then give it back to you to bring back at your next appointment. Just so you know if you misplace your cup they will give you a new one the next time your are in.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not Me Monday

I just couldn't pass up blogging about my doctor's appointment yesterday. I get to willow creek and go by the check in desk and pick up a pre-registration form. I was thinking while I wait for the doctor I could fill it out. Which I did. Since I am all about multi tasking I decided to go ahead and call my insurance company to make sure that I didn't need to get any precertification for my delivery. While on the phone the man says "I would not need any precertification as long as there was no complications" To which I responded "How would I know that there is going to be complications until there is" He says "I guess you wouldn't" Really do they ever think about what they are saying to you. It did kinda make me laugh though. Next thing I get into the doctor's office and give them my pee sample (yes everything was okay). The lady washes everything out and gives me back the container which I throw into my purse. Well I guess there was still a little water on it because I got a wet spot on my registration form. This is the funny part. As I was leaving I went by the desk to leave my paper work and the woman makes this terrible face and says "its wet!!!" I just smile and say yes and go on. I was trying not to laugh but the rest of the day it made me laugh. After telling Timmy the story he asked me "did you not tell her it was just water". To this I said "nope(laughing) she can just think what she wants". Is that not hilarious. Really if you work at a hospital for pregnant people you should be use to about anything.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas, Christmas, and Christmas again.
Christmas at our house.
Christmas morning we got up early and started doing Christmas at our house. Every year before we open presents then we read the Christmas story. This year Noah read it to us. Noah got a new jacket that was a little to big.

Andrew asked Santa for a Robot which is what he asked for last year also. I knew he wouldn't really play with it because he didn't play with the one he got last year either. Surprise, Surprise it didn't even come out of the box until a few days after Christmas if that says anything about his interest level in this toy.

Noah got a new game for his DS. He has enjoyed this gift.
Andrew got a table and chairs for his room. I think he liked this gift.

Stocking - of course there is a woopy cushion in each one. What would Christmas be without getting a new one of these. Good thing they are usually tore up within a couple of weeks.

This was there a combo gift. I got airsoft guns for both all of them. This is a toy that Dad has to play also. They played with all the cousins with these at Memaw's house.
Andrew got a gameboy for a present. He has no idea what he is doing but since his brother has a game too this makes him happy.

Christmas at the Fultz's
After we got everything loaded at our house we headed for Grandmas' house to get there by lunch time. We had lunch that consisted of Chicken and Dumplins, potatoes, bread, corn, green beans and lots of other things. I brought the pasta salad and a cheese cake. Everything was delicious. Not everyone got to be there so Tim and I got to set at the table with the adults. woohoo.
All the grandkids and great grandkids that were able to come.

Shelly - Timmy's cousin's wife

Nannie & Pops - don't they look like they are having a good time.

Grandma Fultz and all the great grandkids.

Grandma Fultz opening presents.

Andrew got a new pair of socks from Grandma that he had to put on right then.

Aunt Judy and Uncle David

Christmas at the Youngers
Most of us spent the night that evening. All the grandkids played until about 11pm. Andrew shot one of his cousins with one of the airsoft rifles but that was about as exciting as our evening got. I felt sorry for Madison because it did leave a pretty good bruise. Andrew was band from any automatic guns for the rest of the time. Oh yeah, me and dad beat Mike and Lanna in a game of pitch. I was excited about that especially since Mike counts cards.

Grandpa and his girlfriend. Can't remember her name. I know that's bad.

Miles and Austin. Just look at those curls. Can't believe that is all natural. They are getting so big. I can't believe they are already starting to drive and have girlfriends. This just can't be.

Dad getting ready to read the Christmas story while Karli is rubbing my belly.

Mike and Lanna

Cassie and Elizabeth. Since they are so close to the same age I always get them the same gift. This year it was bathrobes with their names on them. I think they liked them because they wore them most of the time.
Jason and Suzanne. Jason is busy texting Karli across the living room.

Noah and Andrew both got a pair of bib overalls from Memaw and Papaw. We are just waiting on the cold weather now.

Christmas and the Disheroon's house

Silly picture of the kids.
Andrew, Allison, Regan, & Noah

Andrew got a coat that matches his bib overalls from his Nannie and Pops. It fits perfect.
Matt and Stephanie. Don't they look excited to open presents.
I guess I was tired of taking pictures by then.
We had a very busy day on Christmas day and then we finished up with our last Christmas on Saturday morning. I was ready to be home by Saturday night. All that visiting takes its toll on a big pregnant person.
As I look back on these pictures I realize how blessed we are. We have so much family and we are close enough to actually spend time with them and we all get along. God has truly given us a great gift in our family.