Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weirdo Dog

I think my dog is hormonal or crazy....

She is worse than my kids about following me from room to room.  She is constantly leaning on me and not letting me have my personal space.    I guess if this is the worse thing I have to put up with I will keep her.  lol  After all she is a sweetie and let's Ti do anything to her without responding.  

Just wondering if this is how I will be when I get older.....just follow people around from room to room.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football

Okay.... I don't care to admit it.  I have never really
watched a whole game of football.  Even when I have went to a razorback game I am usually to busy people  watching than actually watching the game.

That is until Noah has started playing.  Something about your child being involved in a sport all of a sudden you need to know all the rules and actually pay attention to the game so you can discuss it afterwards.  I remember riding home with Tim and his parents after he played ball (ages ago).  I was amazed how they could remember every play of the ball game.....I now understand.  That is just what parents do.

We won't call this blocking in the back. I think it was more from the side. I know you are amazed that I know this.  lol

Noah proudly wearing his Cardinals uniform

Noah has been so excited to finally get to play football.  I think he is really enjoying it despite of the bruises he has on various areas of his body from this sport.  I am thinking momma might like baseball or basketball better....a little less physical contact.

 I just had to put one in of this cutie. I love this picture.