Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break 2010

We took off Thursday night of Spring break to do something fun with the kids.  We had our PRIDE training starting Friday so we did not have a lot of time.  Thursday night we headed to Rogers to spend the night in Uncle Matt's motel because it has an indoor pool.  The boys love to swim so if possible swimming is always involved when we are in vacation mode.  They chose to eat Colton's for super that night.  Ti an I stayed in the room that night while the big boys went for their swim because it was his bedtime.  Needless to say he was still awake when the big boys got back to the room. 


The next morning we went and ate breakfast in the lounge and then went swimming again.  Just to let you know it is really hard to get a good picture in a steamy room.  We left the motel around 11:30 to go watch a movie.  We watched Mars needs Moms.  It was good.  Had a great message to.  I do believe that Ti might have ate is weight in popcorn.  He watched the whole movie and ate popcorn through out the whole time.  Going to the movies is something we usually don't ever do since it is so expensive.  The boys think this is a huge treat
After the movie we went bowling.  We stopped by fast lanes but obviously everyone else that was off on spring break was there also, so we left and went to the Springdale bowling alley.  Since we had training the next day, pops met us there to take the boys home with him to spend the night.

Ti had had just to much fun in one day. 

It was a very short get away but we had a great time.

BY THE WAY.....Tim wanted me to let everyone know that he is mating socks while I did this post.  Don't you feel sorry for him.  Someone has to do the family scrapbooking and someone has to mate socks.  I just chose the best job.  Somehow socks multilply as they set in our laundry baskets.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Little of This and a Little of That

Well nothing much has been going on lately so I haven't had much to blog about.  But since I am at home today with a sickie I am thinking, surely I can think of something to blog about.  So here's everything I know.

My dad and mom leave Sunday for Florida.  You might remember this post "He is interested in the details".  We are continuing to pray for a miracle.  The God that created this great universe will choose to use these doctors to give dad relief from the pain he has endured for many years.  BUT if he doesn't I will continue to praise him for his goodness and mercy that are new everyday.

Yes, I did mention a sickie at my house.  Ti has diarrhea again.  Imagine that (sarcasm font).  We are not for sure if it is a virus or maybe it could be that I let him eat a half of peanut butter sandwich on Sunday.  But he really, really liked it.  The symptoms didn't start till Tuesday morning so I am not for sure what is causing it.  It is BAD,  I mean real BAD.  We are in that mode of changing clothes throughout the day.

But he is so stinking cute.  I took this pic with one of my new lenses.  Loving it!!!  When you ask Ti if he wants to get his picture taken he looks at you, smiles and says "cheese".  He is saying anything and everything these days.  The other day when we were picking them up from the grandparents he was saying McDonald's.  Is it bad that he learns to say McDonald's after a weekend with the grandparents? lol

The other day I caught these two boys hanging out together.

Andrew is starting to figure this whole reading thing out.  Insert "proud momma".  You will notice that Ti has his book upside down.  He is multi talented like that.

This is where I should be able to transition into a totally different subject, but doggone it (is that how you spell know what I mean)  I just can't think of a way.

Foster/Adoption update:  We are now CPR and First Aid Certified.  Next weekend we will go to our first PRIDE training skip a weekend and then go to our last training.  It is looking like about the middle of April we should be done with everything.  We are excited about what God has in store for us.  

Baseball is fixing to start up and hopefully there will be a lot of smiles to be taken a picture of. 

Well folks that is all I got.  I have learned one thing today, if I had to stay home everyday I would be as big as a barn.  I have some chocolate chips cookies calling my name.  Of course all the laundry I am having to do is calling my name also. 

Just Because:   Karen helped me out this morning by keeping Ti while I had to go to the dentist.  She is the saint that had to take care of one of those clothing changes I was talking about.  Did I mention it was bad......

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Got A Good One

I have been lacks in posting my valentines day.  My little sweetie really likes to give gifts.  Which really works out in our relationship because I like getting gifts.  A little while ago my camera lens broke.  So not only did my hubby do some investigating on what I should get to replace the broken lens he got me another lens also.  I am excited to learn how to use it but I have had the time to practice with it yet.  It is suppose to let lots of outside light in and take great pictures.  He also got me beautiful flowers.   Hopefully I will be able to start using may camera soon and get to post some awesome pictures with the totally cool lens.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Job Well Done

I know this is totally random but.....

I usually go to Walmart on Saturday morning.  If you go really early it usually isn't too bad crowded.  There is one checker at Walmart that is exceptionally good.  She not only is fast but she also sacks the items just how I like it.  You know.... like puts all the frozen foods together and doesn't put the meat in with the cleaning supplies.  Anyway I get all happy inside when I see her working.  I actually stood in one of the longer lines today just so I could have her check me out.  I know this is not a great big deal but I am sure that she doesn't make a great deal of money for what she does but she does a terrific job.

Meet Sharon the best checker at Wally World.  She probably thought I was a little weird when I asked if I could take her picture but when I told her what it was for she said yes.  She mentioned that others have told her the same thing about waiting in a longer line just so that she would check them out.  See there are other weirdoes just like me out there that have a specific way they like their groceries packed.

So have you met someone this week that has done a great job.  I encourage you to let them know.  You just might make someones day.