Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Job Well Done

I know this is totally random but.....

I usually go to Walmart on Saturday morning.  If you go really early it usually isn't too bad crowded.  There is one checker at Walmart that is exceptionally good.  She not only is fast but she also sacks the items just how I like it.  You know.... like puts all the frozen foods together and doesn't put the meat in with the cleaning supplies.  Anyway I get all happy inside when I see her working.  I actually stood in one of the longer lines today just so I could have her check me out.  I know this is not a great big deal but I am sure that she doesn't make a great deal of money for what she does but she does a terrific job.

Meet Sharon the best checker at Wally World.  She probably thought I was a little weird when I asked if I could take her picture but when I told her what it was for she said yes.  She mentioned that others have told her the same thing about waiting in a longer line just so that she would check them out.  See there are other weirdoes just like me out there that have a specific way they like their groceries packed.

So have you met someone this week that has done a great job.  I encourage you to let them know.  You just might make someones day.


Jessica said...

Whatv a great post- I'm going to have to be on the lookout for her! I know you made her feel so wonderful! : )

Also, thank you for your kind words. I'm so gald we can keep updated with our blogs. Blogging makes the worls so small. : )

Have a blessed week!

Karen L. said...

i go to zumba on saturday mornings.
you could too.
ok...enough guilt trip.
i have never had a really great checker at walmart that has stood out to me, but i have had some really bad ones. i usually get in a longer line just to avoid those. i can't say that i have ever once seen your awesome checker. i always have to sort my groceries when i put them on the belt so i know they are sacked correctly.