Friday, February 26, 2010

My Husband Rocks Friday

My husband rocks Friday because he is super smart.  He can know what everyone of these wires are for and how to make all the different devices work.

Personally I don't think anyone should have this many wires coming out of the wall.

This is Tim's new toy. 
 Obviously you have to have lots of wire to get the perfect picture and sound.  Who knew it.  Well I guess Tim did.

I won't say how many times I have had to call him at work and ask how to work something.  I am just as smart as he is, REALLY.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Decor

For all of you who know how hard it is for me to ever change anything in my house.  Here you go.  I put up new pictures on the mantel.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How Easily Amused We Are

There are only a few very vivid memories I have of my childhood. You know those ones that you can still remember what each person was doing and exactly where it took place. One of those memories is when our family got our first microwave. We were all in awe of it. We all stood around just watching it work wondering how it could warm something so fast. Another memory is when we got a VHS tape player. I thought we had hit the big time that we could actually afford one of these machines. I was totally excited about this new item. No more renting one from the grocery store. There was another time that my mom and dad came home after a date and my mom had gotten her ears pierced and my dad had to. Well actually he really hadn't got his pierced he was wearing a fake one but it definitely left an impression on me. I still remember thinking what in the world has he gone and done.  I said all of that to say we had one of those moments at our house this week.

For a while now I knew that my washing machine was going out. It was only about 17 years old or older I don't know why it decided to stop working now. lol Anyway I was hoping it would wait until March because Akansas is offering a rebate after this time but of course it was not meant to be. You know how much I hate to miss a good deal. Last Friday night it decided the time had come for it to totally stop spinning the clothes out at the end of the cycle. As much as I tried to baby it into working it was of no use. It was gone. So Saturday we bought a brand spanking new washer.

Feast your eyes on this beauty.

According to the person who sold this to us it will do anything and everything. Your clothes will come out spotless and pressed. Well not really, but it is suppose to clean good and use a lot less water. Now if they came out ironed that really would be cool.

After Tim got it installed on Saturday evening we washed our first load of clothes in it. I still can't help but laugh. Tim and I standing in the laundry staring at the machine as it washed. I really don't know what we expected it to do. After a while the watching of clothes go around in a circle got boring and we left but the memory remains. lol

Monday, February 22, 2010

Seize the Moment

Do you ever think what if?  I seem to be doing a lot of that lately.  I seem to feel an urgency about sharing Jesus.  You know that person who has given us the greatest gift ever.  That person that loves us unconditionally.  That sinless,  loving, gentle, all knowing, creator of all and my Saviour.  Jesus.   What if this is the only time this person will ever hear about him.  What if something I say makes them ask those important questions.  What IF???????

Let me just tell you how I am loving AWANA counsel time.  This year I listened to an AWANA trainer mention "what if during your counsel time this will be the only time that child hears the gospel?".  Needless to say this has changed my approach to how I prepare my lesson each week.  I follow the story that I have been given but I always try to lead it back to God's great plan for our life.  His plan of salvation.  It has been amazing.  I am getting to witness to about 40 kids every week.  WOOHOO.  What if this is the only time in their life that they are going to hear about His great love.

This last Sunday Tim had bus duty.  Needless to say I was not to excited about it. I would have missed a great blessing if I had chose to wait at the church and let him do it by himself.  I was setting by a boy who is in second grade.  He gets to come to church once every other week.  He was so excited because he was getting his older brother used Bible.  He thought he would just start reading it everyday.  lol  I thought that was an excellent idea.  He thought Daniel might be a good book and then proceeded to ask me what it was about.  So I proceeded to tell him about how Daniel stood for God even when it was hard and everyone was against him.  He loved God that much just the way Jesus loves us.  I then went on to talk a little about Jesus' great love and why we needed his forgiveness.  It was not a real long discussion but one opportunity that I would have missed of getting to talk about Jesus if I had decided to set back and just let Tim serve by himself. 

That started me to thinking about what other chances we might all be missing by just not doing something.  This Friday we are having an event called Frazzle Dazzle at our church.  We invite all the children in our community kindergarten through 6th grade to come hang out, play some games, do some crafts and of course have a snack.  I can't wait. I wonder how many children I just might have the chance of getting to talk to about His great love.  Because what if this is the only time they get to hear.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine Party

All the boys had their valentines party at the exact same time so needless to say I didn't get to participate much in all of them.  I didn't even attend Noah and just sent supplies.  Really a momma can only spread herself so thin.

I dropped by Andrew's party first and took a few pictures. 

Then I went down the hall for Ti's party.  Since it was his actual birthday I brought cupcakes too.  The teachers just love me for this I am sure.
This was the first time that Ti had tried juice.  He really liked it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ti's Birthday Party

Guess who is one?

This handsome little fellar.

We celebrated at Memaws and Papaws house.  All the cousins came and most of the Aunts and Uncles.  We had pizza, salad and cupcakes.

Aunt Suzanne holding him hostage.

Ti was not a big fan of the pizza.
I love this picture.  He is thinking "they are coming toward me with fire.  Are we sure this is safe?????"

Ti "I'm done, get me out of here"
How many people does it take to put a new toy together?????  Obviously more than just these two.  lol

They did finally figure it out.
Ti likes his new tiger.

Ti got lots of new toys from the family.

We let him open the presents from mom and dad on his actual birthday.

Monday, February 15, 2010

How to Go Sledding

When one wants to go sledding and you can't find a hill or a sled you of course find a friend with a four wheeler.

Mr. Phil got his work out for the day by pullling the Noah and Ti. 

Even mom joined in on the fun.  Gail let me use her old snow suit.  DONT I LOOK COOL.

Mrs. Imogene came along with us to take care of the baby.  At least we got her a chair to set on and didn't make her set in the snow.  She decided not to give sledding a try.

This is mom getting a face full of snow.  The funny thing is that we had been using the sled upside down.  Just to let you know you don't get near as much snow in your face when you sled correctly.

Dad throwing snowball that were like ice balls at the small children.  

Amanda and Cade taking a turn.

The sled was a little small for dad but he used it anyway.  I did finally buy him some coveralls that fit for the  next time he gets to play in the snow.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Ti - 1 Year Old

One year ago February 12th an extra blessing came into our lives.  He is a bundle of joy.  It is amazing how your love just expands when someone is added to your family.  Our family was missing something without having Ti there.

Ti weighs 20.5 lbs.  He has four teeth and is wearing 18 month clothing.  He is a very happy baby and for the last week has started sleeping through the night.  PRAISE THE LORD.  He LOVES to eat.  I haven't found anything that he doesn't like.  He is eating basically all table food now.  That is another praise considering how expensive baby food is.  He can drink out of a sippy cup and a straw.  He still wants to nurse but we are trying to cut back on this.  He pretty much has had a runny nose since he was born.  The doctor says he will have good immunities as he get older.  All pictures usually have something going on under his nose that I have to fix.  He knows who mamma, dadda, bubba and laci (the dog) are.  He is biting some but it's not to be mean he just thinks its kinda cool to hear someone scream. If you leave the bathroom door open and he notices he goes straight to play in the toilet.  (grosssssssss)

Ti - God knew that our family was not complete without you.  We pray that you will love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.  As you grow that not only will you grow up to be healthy and happy but that you will be a soldier for our King.  That when people look at you that they will know who you follow.  You will be an example to all that you come into contact with.  We pray that you will be listening to His voice each and everyday.  May you stand firm in your convictions and be the man that God wants you to be.  We pray for your physical protection. But more importantly we pray for the protection of your mind.  May you guard your eyes and ears from seeing or hearing things that would not be pleasing to the Lord.  May you guard your purity for the christian woman that God has planned for your lifetime mate.  We also pray for your future mate that even right now that God would be protecting her not only physically but spiritually.  That she would be learning to love your God with all her heart.  We love you so much and are so thankful that God has shared you with us for this time.

My Husband Rocks Friday

My Husband Rocks Friday because when he knew we were going to be stuck in the house due to the weather he stopped by on his way home from work and got a movie.  He is just thoughtful like that.

My Husband Rocks Friday because he gets up in the middle of the night and brings the baby to me when he is crying.  I never hear him.  I think I get my hearing from my dad.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Sweet Andrew

Andrew - Mom are we having people over tonight?

Mom - No, why?

Andrew - Because the house is super clean.

Really people I do clean even when people aren't coming over.  I PROMISE.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Sweet Andrew

Andrew - Mom I feel sorry for those dogs that lost their tales to make Hot Dogs.

Mom - lol

Here is something that Andrew drew at school today. 
I thought it was super sweet.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Worst Mom Ever Award

I am writing this post so that all other moms can feel better about themselves.

Today was early out for the Farmington school district.  I had made arrangements for Noah to go home with a friend (which I had mentioned to Noah).  I was at work in Bentonville which is about 35 minutes away from home.  So I get a phone call which I don't pick up in time and it says I have a missed call from HOME.  I call home immediately and Noah answers the phone.  I could tell he was upset as soon as he answers the phone.

Mom - Noah what are you doing at the house.
Noah - I forgot and rode the bus home. sniff, sniff
Mom - Everything is okay (even though my heart is racing at this point).  You did the right thing by calling me.  I will call our friend right now and she will come get you.  OK?  It's going to be okay.  Everything is okay.
Noah - sniff, sniff,  OK

I call my friend immediately.

Mom - Did you remember Noah?
Friend - OOOOOOH. He wasn't in the car rider line.
Mom - He is at the house.  He accidentally rode the bus home.  I FORGOT to email his teacher to remind him to get in the car rider line.  I told him you would come and get him right now
Friend - I am on my way.

I call Noah back

Mom - Noah.  Mrs. Friend is on her way.  Don't worry.  Everything is okay.  You did exactly what you were suppose to do.  Are you OK?
Noah - sniff, sniff, I am Ok.  Bye

So at this point I feel like the worst mom ever.  We have talked to Noah and discussed what he would need to do if he ever got to the house and I wasn't home.  Thank goodness!!!!!!  We have never let Noah stay even for a little while by himself.  He was a little freaked out.  Okay I admit it, I was a little freaked out too.  I apologized and apoligized and told him how proud we were of him for knowing what to do.  He is such a smarty.

Later tonight

Noah - I can stay by myself now..........As long as you tell me you won't be there.

Later I listen to the message he left me on my phone.
"Mom, I am at home.  Where are you at?  Call me and let me know.  This is Noah.  Bye"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to Build a Snowman


You must have beautiful eyes.  No not really but I really like this picture.
You must go outside with dad and survey the building site.  Did I mention that Tim is an engineer. 
A shovel must be used a lot during the construction stage.
You might try a little work by hand.
Even a hoe can be used during the project
Then try a little more hands on work.
Take time out to throw snowballs at the muts.

When the shovel and hands don't work you finally resort to a large trashcan.
Of course you can use the shovel to fill the trashcan.
Then time for the unveiling
One must beat the outsides of the trashcan.
And then beat some more.  In the end you will probably beat it with the above mentioned shovel.  But of course there will be no pictures to prove this.  The hole in the trashcan is proof enough.

Then mom must go in the house and dump some more greenbeans and gold fish on the baby's tray to keep him occupied so that the mom may take more pictures.
And finally it comes out.  Even the dog is impressed.