Thursday, February 4, 2010

Worst Mom Ever Award

I am writing this post so that all other moms can feel better about themselves.

Today was early out for the Farmington school district.  I had made arrangements for Noah to go home with a friend (which I had mentioned to Noah).  I was at work in Bentonville which is about 35 minutes away from home.  So I get a phone call which I don't pick up in time and it says I have a missed call from HOME.  I call home immediately and Noah answers the phone.  I could tell he was upset as soon as he answers the phone.

Mom - Noah what are you doing at the house.
Noah - I forgot and rode the bus home. sniff, sniff
Mom - Everything is okay (even though my heart is racing at this point).  You did the right thing by calling me.  I will call our friend right now and she will come get you.  OK?  It's going to be okay.  Everything is okay.
Noah - sniff, sniff,  OK

I call my friend immediately.

Mom - Did you remember Noah?
Friend - OOOOOOH. He wasn't in the car rider line.
Mom - He is at the house.  He accidentally rode the bus home.  I FORGOT to email his teacher to remind him to get in the car rider line.  I told him you would come and get him right now
Friend - I am on my way.

I call Noah back

Mom - Noah.  Mrs. Friend is on her way.  Don't worry.  Everything is okay.  You did exactly what you were suppose to do.  Are you OK?
Noah - sniff, sniff, I am Ok.  Bye

So at this point I feel like the worst mom ever.  We have talked to Noah and discussed what he would need to do if he ever got to the house and I wasn't home.  Thank goodness!!!!!!  We have never let Noah stay even for a little while by himself.  He was a little freaked out.  Okay I admit it, I was a little freaked out too.  I apologized and apoligized and told him how proud we were of him for knowing what to do.  He is such a smarty.

Later tonight

Noah - I can stay by myself now..........As long as you tell me you won't be there.

Later I listen to the message he left me on my phone.
"Mom, I am at home.  Where are you at?  Call me and let me know.  This is Noah.  Bye"


Carrie said...

I have to admit, you have a pretty awesome little dude there! Kudos to Noah for handling the situation so well! And I don't think that deserves the "Worst Mom Ever" award at all! At least you told him what to do if something like that happened! AND he remembered! So you must've done something right! ;)

Rebekah said...

You are being way too hard on yourself, but I know how you feel! Noah is precious!

Momx6 said...

I left Cary and Andrew at Wal-Mart at closing time one time (Batesville - they closed at 9pm).I know exactly how you feel! You have prepared him well - you are NOT even a bad mom, much less a worst.

Leah said...

No, that is NOT a worst mom ever...that is an AWESOME mom, because Noah knew what to do!!! Way to go, Noah and Bekah! Great story. Thankful for moms like you to learn from!