Monday, February 15, 2010

How to Go Sledding

When one wants to go sledding and you can't find a hill or a sled you of course find a friend with a four wheeler.

Mr. Phil got his work out for the day by pullling the Noah and Ti. 

Even mom joined in on the fun.  Gail let me use her old snow suit.  DONT I LOOK COOL.

Mrs. Imogene came along with us to take care of the baby.  At least we got her a chair to set on and didn't make her set in the snow.  She decided not to give sledding a try.

This is mom getting a face full of snow.  The funny thing is that we had been using the sled upside down.  Just to let you know you don't get near as much snow in your face when you sled correctly.

Dad throwing snowball that were like ice balls at the small children.  

Amanda and Cade taking a turn.

The sled was a little small for dad but he used it anyway.  I did finally buy him some coveralls that fit for the  next time he gets to play in the snow.


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Cassie said... said...

wow, it was actually an EVENT!