Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Friends Visiting

Some of our good friends have been blessed to be able to adopt this sweet little girl.  We got to meet her for the first time last week.  I took this picture for the wedding ceremony a few years down the road.  We all know that the Taylors and Disheroons will be related through marriage one of these days.  At least the moms agree on this point.

Noah was so good with her.  She was being a little cranky but when Noah got her she just snuggled up with him and went right to sleep.

Maryssa got to meet our sheep.  I am sure she was overjoyed to get to pet a stinky animal.

We are so thankful that this beautiful baby girl is part of the Taylor family. God is good all the time.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Winner IS...........

And the Winner IS

Congratulations to Becke' at moop and saba.  She was the 14th entry for the $40 certificate to give away.  Thanks to everyone that entered.  Maybe I will get to do another one soon. 
 I love to give things away.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Since today is a day to honor our father's I plan to do just that.

Let me tell you a little bit about a great man I know personally.  I call him Dad.  MY DAD is a father, husband, preacher, farmer, mechanic, horseman, and most importantly a Christian.  As I was growing up some of the things I remember most about MY DAD is him daily instilling character traits into his children. 

Things like honesty. I can hear him speak these words even today "Tell the truth even if it takes the hide"  As an adult now when I am tempted to not give all the details or not be totally honest, those words pop up.  When my children try to lie to me (you know a momma always knows)  I speak those words to them.  "Tell the truth even if it takes the hide".  I have really wanted to speak these words to some adults that I have known that have not been honest with me.  I guess that is why I am a good accountant.  Accounting is all about telling the whole truth.  I guess that is not a high priority for some businesses but it is definitely a standard that my father instilled in me as a child.

MY DAD is a hard worker which is another character trait he wanted for his children.  As a teenager I was expected to pay for some stuff.  I acquired a job at 16 so that I could pay part of my insurance and gas.  They supplied the car. At the time I didn't realize that this was preparing me for my future.  You need to work for what you have so that you can truly appreciate it.  Those are just a few of the character building lesson I remember from him.

MY DAD showed me how to love people.  MY DAD doesn't just hang around the lovely people.  I remember him coming home from our neighbours house with roaches on him.  Our neighbour was a little old lady that had needed help with a water leak.  I remember how stinky her house was but MY DAD didn't hesitate to get on the floor under neath her sink to help her out.  I get the willies just thinking about it.  If you need help working on a vehicle or in a stinky chicken house MY DAD would be willing to do it just to be a friend.  From him I have realized if you want people to see Jesus you have to go to them, where they are at.  It is not enough to just talk about it at church or a church function.  You have to be willing to go feed their animals, fix their water leaks, go fishing with them, hang out at the gas stations just to visit and pray for them daily.  You have to be willing to "do" not just talk about it.

 Lastly the most important thing MY DAD has done is told me about Jesus.  Church was never an option.  If you had an opportunity to learn about Jesus of course we were going to be there.  Even if he hadn't been the pastor I am sure we would have been there every time the doors were open.  And you better be listening and not disrupting the service because no one wants their daddy to call them down in the middle of the service to go set with mom.  My DAD taught me the importance of a personal relationship with my heavenly father.  You can't just love him with words.  Your actions speak a lot louder than you words.

I know, that if I ever need him for anything he is a phone call away.  Whether it is a question about the Bible or a family emergency I know I can count on him.  He is a shining example of my Heavenly Father.  Honest, compassionate, loving you know all those good character traits.  That is MY DAD.


I don't want to leave out another special Dad on this day.  My boys have one of the best dads ever.  Tim plays with them, loves them, disciplines them.  One day my children will be able to write about how special their dad is and how he always pointed them to Jesus by his actions and words.  I love you, Timmy and think you are one of the best dads I know. 


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Learning a Little Responsibility

We have been extremely busy lately.  Me working everyday, baseball in the evenings and we are planning on showing sheep again this year.  And of course we have to leave time in there to play a little bit too.

Andrew and Noah are both showing sheep this year.  This is Andrew first year to be old enough.  I think he enjoys it more than Noah.  This is not an easy job.  They have to feed about three times a day and also carry water from the house.  They walk them a little bit each day so that they (the sheep) are learning to be lead.  We are not for sure who is leading who at this point.  Lets just say that Andrew has skied a little bit behind the sheep this year.  I guess you could call it being drug but doesn't skiing sound better and a lot more fun.

Andrew is showing off his lamb, Lilly.

This is Noah and Tommy.  Doesn't Noah look happy to get his picture taken.

Noah and Elizabeth.

Hopefully come Seeptember these lambs will be looking good, leading good and be ready to show at the county fair.

By the way - Don't forget to enter my giveaway.  The odds are good that you might win.  I don't think there will be very many entries.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Great Giveaway!!!

The other day I was catching up on all the gossip on facebook and guess what I read...  You are on the edge of your seat aren't you?  Okay, I guess I will tell you.  My cousin's wife is pregnant.  I am as old as dirt and they are older than me.  So that started me to thinking.  What if??????  If I were to have another child would it be a boy or a girl?????  On a totally side note I met a couple with 5 boys at church last Sunday.  Bless her soul.  Now back to my daydreaming. I am sure that we would have another boy and I would be okay with that but what if we had a girl.  Would I be one of "those moms" that always has my little girl with the cutest bow in her hair and the cutest outfits or would she be a tomboy and fit right in with all the boys at our house?  How would I decorate the room?  Everyone knows that I am not a decorator but if I was, would I go as far as to a put a vanity into her  room?

Would I go with something super girly?

Very Efficient and Practical?

Or Innocent and Sweet?

So this is where I am excited to do another give away!  WooHoo!!!!!!

GIVEAWAY: The generous people at CSNSTORES.COM have offered for one of my readers to win a one-time-use $40 gift certificate (the card does not cover any shipping costs) for you to use as you wish on any of their websites.  I ordered a dutch oven from them a while back and was very pleased.

This is how you enter. 

Click on the word vanity and look around.  Make a comment on my blog and tell me which vanity you would choose if money was not an option and you were wanting to decorate a little girls room.  Make sure I have your contact information in case you are the lucky winner.  Really who doesn't want to have an extra 40 dollars to spend on something.  They have a lot of cool stuff. 

Extra Entry Opportunity!

Become a follower.  Leave me a comment to let me know you joined.  Like I couldn't tell since I only have  15 and one of them is me.  hehehe  The comment will just remind me to enter you twice.

Blog about this giveaway on your blog and leave me a comment to let me know.

This giveaway will end June  25th at 10:00 p.m.  I am sure I will pick a winner very scientifically like putting all of the entries in a hat and drawing one out.  Unlike the last time when I threw them on the floor and picked one.

Just to let you know I am not getting paid for this post I just thought some of my buddies might like to have an extra 40 to spend on a gift for themselves.  Tim wants to enter but I don't think that would be fair.  All other families members are welcome though.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Now That's a Fish Story

The other day we went down to the river to do a little fishing.

Ti was more than happy to just play in the mud hole.  He doesn't bait his own hook anyway so it is better if he just doesn't fish. lol

This is how we wash dishes at our house.

Since we didn't catch anything at the river we decided to call some friends up to see if we could fish in their pond.

We caught some HUGE catfish.  We caught them we took pictures of them and then we put them back where they belonged.  This momma doesn't want to clean any fish.

The boys had a great time.  Really the whole family enjoys this kind of fishing.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Saturday Mornings

I remember when I was young I would get up before the cartoons would even come on.  You know when you had to just watch the white fuzzy on the TV.  Well I think the boys might be headed in that direction.

What is Andrew thinking....he knows that I don't allow him to eat chocolate donuts on the couch.  Don't worry I quickly took them away after I took the picture.

Even Laci likes to hangout to watch a little TV.....or maybe she was hoping that someone might drop part of a donut.

Yes, Laci is wearing Andrew's underwear.

The boys are finally getting old enough to stay quiet when they get up so that others can sleep a little longer.  It is a happy day at our house when the parents get to sleep till 8am.

So what is your favorite part about Saturday mornings?????