Friday, June 4, 2010

Saturday Mornings

I remember when I was young I would get up before the cartoons would even come on.  You know when you had to just watch the white fuzzy on the TV.  Well I think the boys might be headed in that direction.

What is Andrew thinking....he knows that I don't allow him to eat chocolate donuts on the couch.  Don't worry I quickly took them away after I took the picture.

Even Laci likes to hangout to watch a little TV.....or maybe she was hoping that someone might drop part of a donut.

Yes, Laci is wearing Andrew's underwear.

The boys are finally getting old enough to stay quiet when they get up so that others can sleep a little longer.  It is a happy day at our house when the parents get to sleep till 8am.

So what is your favorite part about Saturday mornings?????


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