Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Proud Momma Moment

We attending  Noah's award celebration in his class this year.  The teacher gave an award to each student for something they were good at.  Noah is a great student and I had asked him what award he thought he might get.  He thought maybe math since he usually always gets the answers right.

 It was very sweet how much thought the teacher had put into each award for each individual students.  Some got awards for being a good illustrator or athletics or various other things. 

Noah's award was the Einstein award.  For being good in math, science, english, etc.  She said she never gives the same award to more than one student but she just couldn't decide on who should get this award so Noah and Taylor both got it.  She complimented them for knowing everything before she taught it.  We are so happy that God has blessed Noah in this area of his life.  We are expecting God to do great things with his ability to learn and apply his knowledge.

I am thinking that everyone should brag on their kids a little so I will give you the chance to do the same.  I have never used one of these Linky things but I will give it a try. 

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