Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

This Memorial Day has been great.  We got to sleep in till 8:15 woohoo.  This is late for our kids.  I got up and made a cake for lunch from my Pioneer Woman cookbook.  It was yummy.  Tim worked on the church bus and his truck.  A bunch of manly stuff like changing oil and brake pads.   Tim grilled for lunch.... chicken and burgers, we walked our sheep and then we headed over to the neighbour to say thanks.  He served in the infantry for 21 years.  He fought in both the Korean and Vietnam war.  We took a couple of pieces of our yummy chocolate cake and visited for a few minutes.  I know sometimes we take for granted the sacrifice that people have made so that we can live in a free country.

This was the first piece that we were going to bring.  Noah was trying to show me a trick with his box.  Don't worry we got a new piece for the neighbour.

Noah thought it was a great day because he shot a bird with his Beebe gun the very first shot.  YUCK

So what did you do to remember?????

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Cassie said... said...

was it her chocolate sheet cake> We love that cake and make it all the time.