Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I had a great Mother's Day.  It started out by Tim getting up with the baby and letting me sleep in a little bit.  When I got up I was ordered to get back into bed so that they could bring me my gifts.  I am super excited about all of them.

Noah - Gave me a book of coupons.  He told me I could use these at anytime.  They were for such things as cleaning his closet or getting ready for bed without being told.  There was even one for washing the car.  I think Dad will need to help with this one.

Andrew - I got a sweet poem with his hand print on it.  He made it at school and they even laminated it which I am very happy about.  I think all crafts should be laminated if you are planning on keeping them.

Dad & all the boys - A new swing for outside and The Pioneer Woman Cookbook.

Tim putting my new swing together.

 I am super pumped about both of these gifts.  I have already started reading the cookbook.  (reading a cookbook - weird I know) Soooooooo interesting.  If I lived near this family I think we would be good friends.  She seems so down to earth and also interesting.  She has a blog to so I have added her to my reads list.  Timmy says I could find out where they live and go meet her.  Can you say "stalker" .lol    She actually doesn't live that far from here.  Anyone want to go on a road trip....just kidding.

Sunday morning we dedicated Ti at church. 

I had a great mother's day.  How about you????


Cassie said... said...

could he be any happier? really!

Momx6 said...

Yes - I did too! Love Pioneer Woman - you will love the book. Ti looks like your Dad in these pictures, to me anyway. Glad you day was great.

Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

sweet gifts. I love PW too so I am totally up for a road trip. I spent way to much time a few months back reading her love story of how she and her husband met.