Monday, November 30, 2009

Let's Call Those Hogs

Timmy scored some free tickets to a basketball game from someone who wasn't going to use theirs.  We all got to go.  We had lots of fun even though the hogs lost.

The boys are great at calling the hogs.  And it is stinkin cute that Andrew says Zooie instead of sooie.

Of course the best part of the whole event for the boys is getting to go to the concession stand and get a King SIZE Sour Skittles.  You can spend 15 at the concession stand when you don't have to pay for the tickets

The Hogs are not that great so there were plenty of empty seats so the boys got to move around a lot.

We all had a great time.  Thanks Dad for taking us out.

2009 Basketball

This year Noah and Andrew played basketball.  Tim was the coach of Andrew's team and the assistant coach of Noah's team.  Everyone had a great time.  Noah is a great player and I was a little concerned about Andrew's ability.  The only sport Andrew has played before was soccer when he was three.  Memories still come back to haunt me about him laying in the middle of the field crying that he was tired and he didn't want to play anymore.  Or the image of him kicking the ball toward the goal and instead of stopping when he got to the end of the field he just kept on running.  Kind of like Forrest Gump.  Anyway I had some reservation about how this sport would go.  He proved me wrong.  He really didn't have the strength in his arms to get the ball up to the rim everytime but he was great at defense.  He thought the goal was to steal it anytime the other team had the ball.  Noah and Andrew both enjoyed themselves and improved through out the season.  Dad did an awesome job of coaching.  He is very patient.  This is a good attribute to have when you are coaching 5 year olds.  Well I guess this is a good quality to have anytime. 

Just turn your head sideways to look at this one.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Well some people have used their facebook accounts to do this but like some other fellow bloggers I have decided to do it on my blog.  I am going to have it post on Thanksgiving day.

What I am Thankful for in 2009

1.  Jesus Christ who died for me to have eternal life and his grace that I need each and every day.

2.  My husband who loves me and the kids and is willing to go to work every day to support us.

3.  Noah who is so smart and polite (at least to those who are not in his immediate family)

4.  Andrew who makes me smile constantly and loves to snuggle in bed with me.

5.  Ti who was a blessing we weren't planning on.  Everytime he smiles you just can't help but to smile back.

6.  For a church that wants to reach people for Christ

7.  To have been raised in a Godly home

8.  For my parents marriage and the example they are to their children.

9.  For parents who are there to stand with you in the thick or thin.

10.  For Andrew's and Ti's teachers at KDP.  How they genuinely seem to like my children and are teaching them about Jesus.

11.  For my family to all have clothes that fit them.

12.  For the ability to be able to give to those in need.

13.  For Mrs. Imogene and how she loves on my children.

14.  For my Mom and her example in her quiet time.  I still remember walking in the living room in the mornings growing up and seeing her be on her needs in prayer.  Oh how I wish I had that dedication.

15.  For my Dad who taught me the value of honesty.  "Tell the truth even if it takes the hide"

16.  For a husband who likes to give gifts.  This works out really well especially since I like to receive gifts.

17.  For friends that will stick beside you even when they know the bad stuff.

18.  For the ability to work part-time so that I am able to be with my kids. 

19.  For the great clients that I have and the great working relationship I have with them.

20.  For wood floors so that it is easy to sweep up the  boys  and dogs messes easily.

21.  For friends that will babysit my kids on short notice.

22.  For God word that give us guidance in every situation.

23.  For chubby baby fingers.

24.  Plenty of food to eat.

25.  For in-laws that I get along with.

26.  For a house to live and entertain in.

27.  For pets.

28.  For cars that work and are dependable.

29.  For a husband that likes to do the research before we buy something.  I hate to do that.

30.  For a healthy family.

We Were Blessed

Karen got together a mission project for the children over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  The kids made cards and crafts and went and handed them out at the Nursing Home in Prairie Grove.

The residents enjoyed getting their pictures taken with the kids.

Karen and the kids sang some songs for them.  They wanted us to sing more but you only know all the words to so many songs.  They were okay with us repeating the songs we had already sang. lol

We handed out the goodies that we had made.

They made us feel so welcome and wanted.  I wonder if when I have people visit I make them feel that welcome. 

While we were there the kids spotted a little Christmas tree with Angel's wings for ornament.  Each one of these wings represented a resident with no family that could be adopted for Christmas.  Some of the people there have no family to get a gift from at Christmas time.  How sad that would be to not have anyone to come visit or bring a gift at Christmas time.  We got number 48.  She likes to read magazines and women's books.  She does not have any dietary restrictions so I plan on taking some cookies when we take her the gift.  I am thinking maybe a pair of slip on house shoes and a couple of books.  If you are looking for a great way to minister to someone I would encourage to make a stop by the nursing home.  Adopt a resident and show Christ's love to someone at Christmas time.

I don't know about the residents but I was very blessed by going. 

Monday, November 23, 2009

So Stinkin Cute

We had Noah basketball end of the year party at Jim's in Farmington.  Ti was looking stinking cute at our table.

I guess Dad was pretty handsome too.

Doesn't Dad look excited about getting his picture taken?

The other day I had left Ti in his room after I changed his diaper.  After a few minutes of him being extremely quiet I got concerned and went to check on him.  This is what I found.  He had figured out how to open the wipey box and was preceding to pull all of them out.  He thought it was so fun.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

OOOOH, Sweet Noah

Noah - Mom, I have something I want you to try.

Mom - What

Noah - Something you are probably not good at.  I just want you to try.

Mom - What

Noah - I just want to see how bad you are at it.

Mom - What

Noah - Football

Mom - NO

How Much is Enough

Since I was unable to go to church this morning, I thought I would blog about the bible study I am doing. 
Ti has had a fever for three days, it is gone right now but it hasn't been gone 24 hours.  You know those nursery workers are real sticklers about that sort of thing.  Which I am thankful for.

Anyway, now on to what I studied this morning.  I am doing a Bible study named Where Your Treasure Is.  I am always dealing with money issues so what better study to do.  Right?  This morning lesson was "how much is enough."  As soon as I read this I thought I was probably going to be convicted. 

As my mind drifted into thoughts about my pantry.  This morning I was going through it to decide what I wanted to give to the food drive at church.  We are making Thanksgiving baskets for some needy families in our area.  My pantry is very well stocked.  If you don't believe me just ask Kendra she likes to look in there and just see what I have.  Or you could just come over and be awed yourself.  hehehe  Kendra usually makes a comment to the effect that I have a lot of stuff in there.   It has kinda become a joke about how much stuff I have in there. In justification of this I like to be prepared.  You never know when you might need to whip something up.  As I as trying to decide what I wanted to give.  I caught myself being stingy.  I am sure yal never have any of those thoughts.  Wanting to keep the best for yourself.  Anyway enough about my stingy issue and my well stocked pantry this is suppose to be blog about How Much is Enough.  Oh wait maybe that has something to do with it after all.

After this was accomplished I had to put all the coats I have been collecting in a large bag for Timmy to take to the church.  I have had them piled in my stairway (Out of sight mean clean right).  They are going to do a coat drive for the homeless.  I probably bagged up about 20 coats that people gave away just because they had something better.  But of course this wouldn't stirr up any thoughts of having to much stuff because I didn't have not one coat in there.  I use all the ones I have.  I like to wear different coats depending on the outfit.  Or maybe I might have had a little guilt about how many different coats I like to use.

After all this was done I set down in my nice rocker with the padded arms, propped my feet up on my nice king size bed and started my devotion.  Of course before this I had to put a blanket down on my carpeted floor and get a few of Titus's many toys for him to play with while I read my Bible.  Which the whole playing thing is a blessing because he has required being held at all time for the last three days.   Anyway back to the Bible study.

In Luke 12 Jesus tells a parable about a man who had stuff.  Then he wanted more stuff so that he could sit around (he probably had a nice rocker too) and be happy and not work for the rest of his life.  What he didn't realize was that his life would be required of him that night.  He had worked to get all this stuff for nothing because in the end it was worthless when he stood before the holy God.  After I read this I started looking around at our nice warm furnished house.   Of course I didn't look into my pantry because of course God wants me to have all stuff in there, right?   I am wondering what does God think about this? 

I was talking to a lady in Walmart and we started discussing Thanksgiving and she had mentioned that she had been buying a few things with each paycheck so that it wouldn't all hit at once, the expense of the Thanksgiving meal.  I might have had a tiny bit of guilt at this point.  All I have to do is make a few various items and show up at the family.  I am so blessed.  What would it be like not to have enough just to provide the basic of needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. 

As I look back at these various situation that have just came up this week I am wondering do I have too much.  I have been trying to get a little more work so that money doesn't seem so tight.  But I really don't have a clue what many people go through.  When I think of tight I am thinking I might have to quite letting Andrew go to KDP three days a week and only allow him to go when I am working, or not going out to eat on Fridays.  I don't cook on Friday night.  These are somethings I don't want to have to give up.  But then you look at others and see that it not giving up going out to eat but eating food all together.

The very ending verse says "This is how it will be with anyone who stores up things for himself but is not rich toward God".  This is what Jesus thought of the person that had stored up all the possessions.  They were worthless.    In Ephesians 4:28 it says  "If you are a thief, stop stealing. Begin using your hands for honest work, and then give generously to others in need."

So through all of this I think I have come to this conclusion.  It is not a sin to have stuff but it is if you are not giving generously to those in need and all this "stuff" means nothing when you stand before the holy God.  He is going to be looking at what you did with what he entrusted you with not with how much you had.

So the questions might not should be "how much is enough" but the real question is "am I using everything I have how God wants me to use it?"

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's all about Serving

Our connection group had the opportunity to serve the families in our church by providing a Parent's Night Out.  We had movies, crafts, games and a lot of just playing in the KidZone.  I think the kids enjoyed it and God kept everyone safe during the night.  Here is some pics of our exciting evening.

Most of the night Ti stayed busy watching all of the other kids.  He was great.  He stayed awake the whole time till 10 p.m.  He was so sleepy by the end but he really wasn't very cranky. 

H. making a necklace out of fruitloops.

B. watching all of the kids downstairs.

K. stayed busy most of the night sliding down the slide and chasing the bigger kids.

Mr. H. played this video for a really long time. 

Tim. and J. working hard at their Christmas ornament craft.  I took their picture and printed them out so they could make a foam Christmas ornament.

Calvin loves doing crafts.  Just ask him. lol

Amanda did some organized games during the night.  The kids loved this part.

Some of the kiddos

Calvin working on some more crafts.  He has found his new calling.

I heard A. ask Tim what part he was going to get to do.  Made me think back to are pumpkin carving night. lol

Kendra helping with the bead craft.  The kids really enjoyed this one and it took them a long time to do it which was good.

A. playing a little skee ball.

I was a little concerned about keeping so many kids occupied for four hours.  They brought sack lunches and then the rest of the time they either did a craft, played, or watched a movie.  The night really went well and who knows we might even do it again sometime.  Who knows maybe even another connection group might do the same thing and we will get to go out on a date with free babysitting. hint hint