Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We Were Blessed

Karen got together a mission project for the children over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  The kids made cards and crafts and went and handed them out at the Nursing Home in Prairie Grove.

The residents enjoyed getting their pictures taken with the kids.

Karen and the kids sang some songs for them.  They wanted us to sing more but you only know all the words to so many songs.  They were okay with us repeating the songs we had already sang. lol

We handed out the goodies that we had made.

They made us feel so welcome and wanted.  I wonder if when I have people visit I make them feel that welcome. 

While we were there the kids spotted a little Christmas tree with Angel's wings for ornament.  Each one of these wings represented a resident with no family that could be adopted for Christmas.  Some of the people there have no family to get a gift from at Christmas time.  How sad that would be to not have anyone to come visit or bring a gift at Christmas time.  We got number 48.  She likes to read magazines and women's books.  She does not have any dietary restrictions so I plan on taking some cookies when we take her the gift.  I am thinking maybe a pair of slip on house shoes and a couple of books.  If you are looking for a great way to minister to someone I would encourage to make a stop by the nursing home.  Adopt a resident and show Christ's love to someone at Christmas time.

I don't know about the residents but I was very blessed by going. 


Robin and Stephen said...

I love love love going to the nursing home and visiting all of the people! Some of my favorite memories! I think that is awesome that you all took the kids there and sang to them! I know it was such a blessing to them!

Cassie said... said...

looks like you all had a good time and blessed a lot of poeple. I bet they loved the treats.

Silly Bus said...

Great blog! It's always so nice to be inspired