Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cool Mom = Tired Mom

Being the cool mom that I am (not) I let Noah and Andrew invite some friends over on Wednesday.  I chose Wednesday because we have to be back at the church by 6 and surely everyone can get along for a couple of hours.  Noah chose L. and Andrew chose K.  I won't use their names incase that might bother their parents.

L. is Noah's best friend.  They play all sports on the same team except for Football.  L. gets to play football and Noah doesn't and of course he doesn't let us forget this .

K. is in Andrew's class at school and they go to Awanas together.  I threatened changing the plans about them getting to spend the afternoon together if they didn't rest good at rest time.  They both really don't like to have to lay still for an hour.  Guess What!!!!  It worked they both got hand stamps after rest time. 

Being the cool mom that I am I didn't even threaten to spank Noah when I caught him on top of the trailer.  I think he learned his lesson though.  He had fiber glass splinters all over his arms and belly.  Needless to say I don't think I will ever have to get on to him for that .  Obviously fiber glass hurts.

L. and Noah

Aren't they Cool

They played a little nerf tag.  Of course they only got one bullet a piece so that we didn't lose a whole bunch of them in the back yard for the mower to destroy or the dogs to chew up.  K. got the bad end of the deal his gun wasn't working right.

Andrew and K.

If I wasn't such a cool mom I would not allow my son to make awful faces while I took his picture.

Ti didn't get to have anyone over but I did put the exersaucer out in the yard and he enjoyed watching everybody.

They enjoyed trying to make each other sick on the tire swing. 

I actually thinks it works better for them both to have a friend over that way they are not fighting about who gets to play with whoever came over.  They don't have to share their friend.  We even made it to Awana on time.

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