Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's all about Serving

Our connection group had the opportunity to serve the families in our church by providing a Parent's Night Out.  We had movies, crafts, games and a lot of just playing in the KidZone.  I think the kids enjoyed it and God kept everyone safe during the night.  Here is some pics of our exciting evening.

Most of the night Ti stayed busy watching all of the other kids.  He was great.  He stayed awake the whole time till 10 p.m.  He was so sleepy by the end but he really wasn't very cranky. 

H. making a necklace out of fruitloops.

B. watching all of the kids downstairs.

K. stayed busy most of the night sliding down the slide and chasing the bigger kids.

Mr. H. played this video for a really long time. 

Tim. and J. working hard at their Christmas ornament craft.  I took their picture and printed them out so they could make a foam Christmas ornament.

Calvin loves doing crafts.  Just ask him. lol

Amanda did some organized games during the night.  The kids loved this part.

Some of the kiddos

Calvin working on some more crafts.  He has found his new calling.

I heard A. ask Tim what part he was going to get to do.  Made me think back to are pumpkin carving night. lol

Kendra helping with the bead craft.  The kids really enjoyed this one and it took them a long time to do it which was good.

A. playing a little skee ball.

I was a little concerned about keeping so many kids occupied for four hours.  They brought sack lunches and then the rest of the time they either did a craft, played, or watched a movie.  The night really went well and who knows we might even do it again sometime.  Who knows maybe even another connection group might do the same thing and we will get to go out on a date with free babysitting. hint hint


Cassie said... said...

take it from one from one of the parents that went out...WE APPRECIATED YOU DOING IT!

Suzette said...

That is so awesome that you guys did this!!!

Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

fun fun, we're actually talking about returning the favor Sunday- for december! (jamie's idea)