Thursday, September 30, 2010

Noah's Birthday

Tim and I woke up with this big 9 year old in our bed.  Neither one of us even knew when he got in the bed.  I guess 9 year old boys can be sneaky like that.  Especially when it is your birthday.   And guess what....  I didn't mind it at all.  Pretty soon it will be so uncool to crawl in bed with your parents.  It has been a really long time since he has done this.  Actually it has probably been since he figured out how to work the TV and Video games by himself.  Really who wants to get in bed with your parents in the morning when you can play video games or watch TV instead.

He got to open one present that morning and the rest he opened right before we went out to his birthday dinner. 

We have started a tradition that when it is your birthday you get to choose where we go out to eat.  You get to choose anywhere you want to go and you get to order anything you want.  Noah chose Market Place this year ( I might have made just a little suggestion and mentioned their chocolate mess dessert).  Dad and I lucked out because kids eat free there this month on Monday thru thursday nights.  WOOHOO
 He wanted to have the flaming cheese dip for the appetizer.
 The chocolate Mess.  YUM.YUM
We had a great time celebrating Noah's Birthday.  I will do another post for the party.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

So Sad

I gave in and gave Ti his first haircut.  He looks like such a little man.  Mommy is a little sad but she knows it eventually had to be done.  He is 19.5 months old. 

I don't care what anyone else says.  He is still my baby.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

We Have a Winner

So I let pick the winner.  Congratulations to Mary Kay.  She is the winner of my 35.00 gift certificate to  So sorry it took me so long.  I thought I had said I would pick the winner on the 25th.  Which is today.  When I went back to check my post it said the 20th.  oooooopppppsss.  I guess the mind is the first thing to go.  Anyway better late than never.  Right????   Go visit Mary Kay's blog and congratulate her on the win.  I am sure if you browse you will enjoy it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekend Get Away

This handsome guy and I got to have a weekend getaway.  We went to Athens, Georgia.  Tim and Brian went to the game while Kendra and I walked around downtown looking in all the little shops.  Which by the way there is a weird smell in most of the shops and everyone likes to wear really short skirts.  Random I know.

One of the things Tim and I always try to do when we go on a trip is to eat at really good restaurants.  We usually try to go to restaurants that are on Dinners, Drive ins, and Dives TV show or Man Versus food TV show.  Yes, we are just weird like that.

This place was great.  The people were so friendly.  They brought out a few appetizers for us to try.  It was great.  I got my camera out and they started bringing the food.  They either thought I was going to talk about them on something that people actually read or they were fixing to close so they were trying to get rid of some food.  Either way we lucked out.

This was the first time I tried fried green tomatoes.  They were wonderful.
This was the cucumber salad Kendra ordered.  She said it was yummy.
I am a bread girl so I really enjoyed the wheat rolls.  You could choose white, wheat or corn bread.  So many choices.  I am not good at having to choose so I chose all three.
Then they brought us out these beauties.  Brian did mention he thought these were the best fried shrimp he had ever had.  Have I mentioned that there was a lot of fried food at this place.  My arteries are clogging just having to type these words out.

This was Tim's plate of Fried (there's that word again) chicken.  Needless to say he couldn't eat it all.  It was like a whole chicken.

My sides - squash casserole and onion rings.
Kendra got black eye peas and twice baked potatoes.
Kendra really liked the sweet potato fries. 

My fried chicken.  I couldn't eat all of mine either.  Especially after eating the fried green tomatoes.  Did I mention I really liked the tomatoes.

The only downside to this restaurant is that it was right beside this store.  These stores were everywhere as we were driving in this part of Atlanta.  I would probably not have felt comfortable driving there by myself.  I guess I am a little sheltered here in north west Arkansas.

On our way home we ate at Baumhowers.
We got fried pickles for an appetizers.  They were super yummy. 

Tim's burger.

My pot roast Philly sandwich.  It was wonderful.  I mean really wonderful.  The meat reminded me of my mom's roast which I haven't seem to master yet.  I remember growing up and on Sunday night we would eat roast sandwiches from the leftover roast she had made for lunch.  Good memories.

Kendra's nachos

One of the things that makes a weekend getaway great is having good friends to come along.  Thanks to the Hester's for hanging out with us.

Just to let you know.  Athens Georgia is a really, reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyy long way away.  The next time we go this far to a game we will be flying.  By the way, the Razorbacks won so the boys were in a good mood on the way home.  Can you tell, I really go on the trips for the food.  lol

Don't forget to go sign up for the giveaway a couple of post down.  I will be choosing the winner on the 25th.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It is all about POOP.

Well it seems I can't write a post lately without using the word poop.  I was sure everyone would want a laugh at my expense so therefore I must write about POOP one more time.

Today was quite the day.  It started out like a regular day until about 8 am.  It was time for these cute little puppies 9 week shots.  Since we had our crate loaned out I thought surely they would do okay just staying in the car for about 10 minutes going to the vet.  So I loaded Ti up and put the puppies in the back of the Tahoe and away we went.  Yes I know they look cute but they can make a big mess.

When we got to the church to drop Ti off I started smelling something.  I thought they were probably just tooting and I would check it out after I got Ti dropped off.  BIG MISTAKE.  By the time I got back to the car it was AWFUL.  I mean AWFUL.  They had pooped and then proceeded to spread it all over the back of my Tahoe.  I mean it was everywhere.  I can't even to begin to tell you how bad the smell was.

I got some paper towels and tried to clean some of it up so they would not be able to smear any more into the carpet.  This really didn't go very well.  Obviously my gag reflex was working overtime this morning.  Did I mention how bad the smell was.  Anyway I went into the office and called my ever present help in trouble. 

Me - Karen, I need the name of the people who detailed your car.  I have crap all over the back of the Tahoe.  I mean it is bad.  Really bad.  By the way what are you doing.  Could you meet me at the detail shop and take me back to work.

Karen - Of course I will help.  Do you just want to borrow our vehicle for the day.

Me - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

So I went ahead an dropped the little poopers off at the vet and went to the house to get the other seat to the Tahoe.  Of course while I was home I went ahead and took a picture so I could share my day.  So low and behold the nastiness of my car.

So if you saw me driving through town today with the windows down and my head hanging out the open window you know why now.

So after 238.00 dollars I have a poop free vehicle.  So really who can say that about their day.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Another Give Away!!!! = upated

I forgot to say when I would pick the winner.  How bout September 20th.

Woohoo!!!  I get to do another give away.  I really like to give stuff away. 

I almost laughed when I saw what they wanted me to put the link on.  Modern Bedding.  I know, I know that makes you laugh too.  I have nothing modern in my house and I am not, I really mean there is no way that I am a modern person who would have modern stuff in her house.  I am a COOOOUUUUNNNNTRY kind of girl.  I have dogs in my house, we eat off plastic plates most nights and you kick your shoes off before you come inside just incase you have poop on the bottom of them.  I am just not a modern kind of person.  Nope that not me at all.  But I still really like to give stuff away so here we go.  This is what you have to do to enter.  Go to this website (modern bedding) and tell me which bedding you like.  I am sure you will find something that you like.

One entry - Be a follower.  I just really like it when someone becomes a follower.  It makes me feel all happy inside.  If you are already a follower just make a comment seperately for such so I can give you another entry. 

Another Entry - Go to this website modern bedding and pick out your favorite bedding.  It okay if we totally disagree, you just go ahead and be as modern as you want.

Another Entry - Blog about this giveaway on your blog.

There is a great big chance you might win if you take the time to enter.  Last time I had about 10 people enter.  People ARE YOU LISTENING that is a 1 in 10 chance that you will win.  Those are great odds so go ahead and enter.  I know you want to.

The lucky winner will get 35.00 dollars to spend at the csn store of their choice and this does not include shipping. 

Did I mention that I order a covered cake pan from them the other day.  It should be here any day.  I am so excited.  It is suppose to be the size of a jelly roll pan.  You know the pioneer woman's chocolate sheet cake, well we really like it but it is really hard to transport.  Now I will have the perfect pan to bake it in and it has a lid for transportation.  woohoo.  Guess what I will be bringing to the next church potluck.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor 2010

We had such a good time this weekend visiting family, eating and just hanging out. Mom and dad grilled out for everyone.  It was great.  We had burgers, chicken, hot dogs, potato salad, bake beans, and lots of desserts.

We let Noah drive the dirt bike by himself for the first time..  Let's just say momma might have been just a little bit nervous.  He didn't even wreck once, at least he didn't tell me if he did.  (he is one smart kid)

Since Ti is the baby of the family.  He gets to do whatever he wants.  Cousin Karli is letting him play with her phone.

Did I mention everyone does exactly what Ti wants them to do.  Like pull him around in the wagon.

For all of you city folks this is called grass sledding.  You need lots of wide open space and lots of fresh cow patties.    The object is to throw your passengers off into the cow patties.  lol

The boys love this.  The mommas don't necessarily like doing the laundry afterwards but that is okay because they were wearing memaw and papaw's coveralls.  lol
Madison was trying to keep stuff out of his mouth.
Andrew wore a helmet just in case he landed on a rock.  Come to think of it, that would probably been a good idea for all the kids.
You know you are having fun when your face is this dirty and you lucked out and didn't eat any poop.

Speaking of faces, I just love this one.

Even Lilly enjoyed setting around while everyone visited.  The weather was perfect.
The boys asked papaw to saddle up a horse so they could ride.  Of course he didn't say no.  Papaws are excellent at saying yes.

We had such a good time just hanging out with the family.

After such a big day Papaw can go to sleep anywhere.  Even with a toothpick still in his mouth.