Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It is all about POOP.

Well it seems I can't write a post lately without using the word poop.  I was sure everyone would want a laugh at my expense so therefore I must write about POOP one more time.

Today was quite the day.  It started out like a regular day until about 8 am.  It was time for these cute little puppies 9 week shots.  Since we had our crate loaned out I thought surely they would do okay just staying in the car for about 10 minutes going to the vet.  So I loaded Ti up and put the puppies in the back of the Tahoe and away we went.  Yes I know they look cute but they can make a big mess.

When we got to the church to drop Ti off I started smelling something.  I thought they were probably just tooting and I would check it out after I got Ti dropped off.  BIG MISTAKE.  By the time I got back to the car it was AWFUL.  I mean AWFUL.  They had pooped and then proceeded to spread it all over the back of my Tahoe.  I mean it was everywhere.  I can't even to begin to tell you how bad the smell was.

I got some paper towels and tried to clean some of it up so they would not be able to smear any more into the carpet.  This really didn't go very well.  Obviously my gag reflex was working overtime this morning.  Did I mention how bad the smell was.  Anyway I went into the office and called my ever present help in trouble. 

Me - Karen, I need the name of the people who detailed your car.  I have crap all over the back of the Tahoe.  I mean it is bad.  Really bad.  By the way what are you doing.  Could you meet me at the detail shop and take me back to work.

Karen - Of course I will help.  Do you just want to borrow our vehicle for the day.

Me - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

So I went ahead an dropped the little poopers off at the vet and went to the house to get the other seat to the Tahoe.  Of course while I was home I went ahead and took a picture so I could share my day.  So low and behold the nastiness of my car.

So if you saw me driving through town today with the windows down and my head hanging out the open window you know why now.

So after 238.00 dollars I have a poop free vehicle.  So really who can say that about their day.


Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

oh no! I bet Tim was thrilled!

Robin and Stephen said...

Ahh man! So sorry! They are adorable though!

Karen L. said...

baaa haaa haaaa......i just knew that this would make a GREAT blog post!!!!
you know that 'give-a-way' that you're doing for 'modern' bedding and how you said you are a country girl.....wellll, i think everyone definitely believes you now!