Friday, October 30, 2015

Sometime God Changes You

So if anyone told me a few years ago that I would teaching a bunch of stinky fifth graders on Wednesday night I would have said "maybe".  If they would have said that people would come by an close your door to the classroom because the music was so loud I would have thought...never.

This last week our whole family was able to go see Woodlawn.  We never all go to the movies unless it is the cheap one.  For a family our size to go to the movies at regular price with concession is a small fortune and just seems like such a waste of money to this momma.  I am sure my boys would disagree but then again they are not the ones paying for it.  Cross Church decided to go outside the box to reach the lost.  Granted they do have a lot of resources to be able to support this type of event.  They invited all of the Farmington football boys AND THEIR FAMILIES to a free night at the movies.  Which included popcorn and a drink...can I get an amen.  They offered this to many schools in our area just to have the opportunity to tell people about Jesus.  At the end of the movie their youth pastor gave the plan of salvation to all that attended.  I have heard that over three hundred decisions have been made after the showing of this movie.  Talk about a good return for your buck.

That leads me back to my point.  Sometimes God changes you and the way you reach people.  If anyone came to my house when it was only me at home you would meet silence.  I just don't like noise.  I don't turn the TV or Radio on EVER when I get to choose what is happening in our house.  This is probably the reason my babies use to freak out when we would go to a loud restaurant they just were not use to the noise.

Okay back to the point....Fifth graders are loud.  They like everything they do to be loud.  Seriously Andrew our lovely, wonderful, sweet fifth grader is the loudest child known to man.  Just be around him for more than a few seconds and you will notice this.  God was preparing me to take this class when he gave us this special gift eleven years ago.

We were playing the above song the other night in class and  it was loud.... but that is okay.  I did have one person mention something about "this is the church you know" with a smile on their face as they shut the door.

God has pulled me out of my comfort zone and made me listen to loud music....I know, I know crazy talk.  If this loud music is able to pull kids into our class and in turn they here about my Jesus.  Turn it up baby and lets rock out!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Boots are made for walking

Because I think everybody needs a good laugh.  

Yesterday I was in a CPE class in Springdale. It was torture...governmental accounting.  Seriously you want to poke your eyes out it is so boring.  I didn't eat any breakfast so when I got to the class I ate a granola bar.  As soon as I ate it I started feeling bad.  All day I struggled. Was it the speaker that was making me deathly ill or a bug.  I really wasn't sure.   He was a really bad speaker. Imagine monatone speech for eight hours straight on a REALLY REALLY boring subject.  Blah blah blah for eight hours. Tell me again why I chose accounting.

Finally around eleven I went to my car.  Took a little nap trying to conquer the nausea.  Seriously I haven't let myself puke in years.  I have great will power. So after skipping the lunch I went and got a sprite and some cheezits. That is suppose to help right....not so much. I had a really sweet older lady that showed me great concern.  I am thinking about asking her if she would like an adopted granddaughter.   I told her I didn't think I would make it to the end of the day so I wanted to go ahead and sign the sign out sheet. She asked me several times during the day how I was doing. I don't know if she has any grandkids but she would be the perfect grandmother.

So around 3:30 I couldn't deal with it any longer.  This is where it gets funny.  As I grab my things and head out the door.  The nausea became overwhelming. I get to the door and start thinking I am not going to make it. Bekah just get out of the door... Lord please just help me get out of here. Door opens. "Praise the Lord" fresh air.  I can see my car...I can do this, I can do this.  Get to the middle of the street and the fire hydrant of puking commenced.   Seriously imagine a grown lady puking in the middle of the driveway.  If I had been a bystander I would have definitely been laughing.... as soon as I got over my gag reflex.  Bekah a few more steps and you will make it to your car. Hallelujah I made it to the sidewalk...hello here it comes again. Praying all the time no one is looking out the window.  Let just say sneezing is bad for old ladies puking is worse. Finally I make it to my car open the door and here it comes again.  At least now I have the coverage of the door hiding my total unladylikeness.  I am a really bad puker.  The parking lot may never be the same.  I do feel a little sorry for those that would need to take the same path I did to get to their car.  Grace is required for those who do not puke gracefully from those that will follow after you. Literally.  Come to find out when you puke on asphalt it splatters. A LOT.  At this point I am asking myself will Tim clean up my boots for me.  My hair...dang this long hair.  Where is a ponytail holder when you need one.   Lord please just let me get home before I get sick again. Yes I can laugh about this now...yesterday not so funny.  

Annabelle had many questions about why I was sick. Why did you get sick?  Why do you need to shower?  Why can't I lay in bed with you?  Tim did mention the boots this morning (after taking the above picture)...with my sweetest smile I mentioned that I thought he might clean them up for me. The only way this day could have been more embarrassing is if I had done it in the middle of class.   

So as you go about your day today you can be thankful that this isn't your story.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Andrew - Love this Kid


If you are around Andrew for very long at all you will know that he loves to play sports.  Currently baseball and football are kind of tied for his favorites.  I am very proud of him for all his skills in this area but I am more proud of his accomplishments in the spiritual areas of his life. 

Andrew - Always bringing someone to Jesus.
We gave our boys names that we wanted them to live up to.  Andrew was named Andrew because in the Bible Andrew was always bringing people to Jesus.  We have talked several times about how Andrew got his name and have prayed specifically that he would be bold in telling his friends about Jesus.  A couple of weeks ago Andrew brought a couple of friends with him to Wednesday night class and I was super proud that he had the courage to invite them.  Last night I was even more proud...  One of his friends started talking about baptism and was asking Andrew all about it.  In our car on the way from football practice to church, Andrew and another boy were basically able to share with their friend what being a Christian was all about and why a person gets baptized.  I might have been glowing a little to hear the conversation in the back of my car. 

So this is just how God works.  Yesterday morning I had specifically asked my bible study  “cool girls” to be praying for our class on Wednesday night.  In the middle of the day yesterday God told me without a doubt I should share the plan of salvation during class that night.  It was no accident that Andrew’s friend comes up to me and starts talking and asking questions about what this whole baptism thing means while walking to my car.  God was in control when those two friends were sharing their faith in the car.  God is just good like that.  I was able to present  God’s plan for their lives last night during class.  I know that seeds were planted and I am so excited to see how they grow in these fifth grade students.  If you are not involved with working children and getting to tell them about Jesus….you my friend are missing out on a huge blessing. 

Yes at times Andrew drives me crazy.  Is he a perfect child...of course not.  But when your child is able to share their faith there is nothing more that could make a parent get those "happy, happy, happy feelings."  I hope one day he will use his mad athletic skills and his leadership skills to lead all those around him to the one who can give them eternal life. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Happy Tears

Sometimes God puts you in situations to grow you.  To make you realize you will not be able to do this alone.    Or maybe certain personalities in your children that refine you.  At the beginning of the school year this momma might have went into freak out mode a little.

   You know just a little.   Titus was struggling and therefore momma was struggling, I might have looked a little like this cat after looking at his first spelling test.   This whole school thing was not coming easy for him. And everything should come easy for your children right?   His writing was mostly illegible and getting spelling words out of his head and onto a piece of paper seemed hopeless.  But God in his infinite wisdom knew this would be the case before time began.  Nothing is a surprise to Him.  

 We have had some wonderful people that God has placed in Ti's life to help.  Mrs. Dial his teacher is perfect for Titus  (he might be in love with her...just sayin)  She has worked diligently with him and encouraging him to work hard and do his best work.  Mrs. Karla the counselor at school takes time out of her schedule each week to spend with him to help him deal with the anxiety that go along with moving into the 1st grade world (I never realized that a child could struggle so with moving classes in school).  Mrs. Cantrell the principle that will go the extra mile to get him a ball to set on in class in hopes that it will help with his writing and attention in class.  (by the way it has).  Mrs. Holly that works him hard in physical therapy each week so much so that he will probably test out of it when December comes. (who knew that your core strength could effect so many areas in your life...even handwriting.)  So when I got this text from Tim this morning, I needed to give praise where it is due.  Thanks to God for all the progress that has been made.  He has been good to us.

Monday, October 19, 2015



It seems that everywhere I have been lately God has been reminding me to be faithful with what He has given me.  The other day I read an article on tithing and  at the end of the article it asked for your thoughts.  SO I decided to write about it which I did but I did not post it.  For me sometimes writing helps me get the thoughts that are twirling in my head to settle down.  Not that what I write is always read worthy but somehow it kind of settle things for me.  If one only knew how much is rolling around up there you would forgive my scatteredness sometimes. Yesterday at church Bro. Barry hit on giving some and then this morning my bible study was on possessions.  So I thought it was time to post some thoughts.   

Growing up in a Christian home I was taught the importance of tithing very early.  So as an adult I have never really questioned whether it should be done or not.  It is just something Tim and I both agreed on.  Being the accountant who looks at numbers all day, I love to talk about God’s blessing in our lives. 

While working as the financial secretary at a church I started to realize….People are missing out on this.  This is one of the coolest things.  It doesn’t matter how much I give God, he multiplies it and returns it to me.  He has not once failed to pour out his blessing on us.  So much more than we deserve.  One day while working as the financial secretary at a church I had noticed a fairly new Christian seemed to be tithing  (not that I know what people make but sometimes you can guess.  Just sayin if you don’t give anything I am pretty sure you have missed the boat on this one teaching in the Bible).  One day I just asked him “why do you believe in giving?”  For me growing up with it, it seemed like a no brainer but for someone not raised that way.  Why would they do it?  10%  of one’s income, I would assume that most people would think that is just crazy.  His answer “doesn’t the Bible teach that”  WOW.  If only I had that kind of obedience in every area of my life.  If the Bible teaches it then I should obey it.   

I have heard the argument “that this  is an old testament rule, we don’t have to obey those rules anymore.”   God never took away from what he wrote in the old testament.  You know those rules like “Thou Shalt not Kill”  in the old testament, those turned into you should not even think about murdering when you get to the new testament.  Those literal rules of the old testament turned into a heart condition in the new testament.  So here is my take on tithing.  The old testament told the people to at least give 10 %, which if you look at all the different things they were suppose to give to I think it added up to more in the 23.3% range but when you get to the new testament he not only commands us to give but we are to give everything.  It is all his.  Not only are we to give to the local church we are to do it with a happy heart.  WOW. Once again if I could just do that obedience thing with a Happy Heart….I will have arrived.   

One of the awesome things about working in the finances of a church you get to hear about how God has provided for people.  OVER and OVER.  You will never speak to someone that believes in giving that is sorry they do it.  In my personal life God has proved to me over and over that I can’t out give Him. 

I am in no way saying that tithing makes Jesus love us more for that is impossible.  I am not saying that tithing can help you earn your salvation for He has already earned this for us.  Should one think they are better than another christian because of how much they give absolutely not.  I am saying that God's blessing flow when we are able to give with a happy heart.  

This coming Sunday we are having a "I love My Church" Sunday.  They have asked us to give above and beyond our normal offering.  I had an amount in my head of what I thought God would want us to give, after thinking about it a little longer another figure came to mind.  I asked Tim this morning what he was thinking....guess what God gave us both the same amount.  He always works this way. We are excited to be able to give back a portion of what He has entrusted to our care.  We know without a doubt He will supply for our every need because He has proved Himself over and over to us.  

I will leave you with one story of His awesomeness (I have many).  We knew of someone that had a need.  Tim and I love to help when we know that there is a need, if we can.  So after hearing of the need I call Tim up and ask how much he thinks we should give.  We always have basically the same amount in mind (funny how God always works that out).  I wrote the check and sent it off.  The next day I get a phone call from my mom.  She just wanted me to know they had sold one of our calves and they have never seen a calf bring so much.  Way more than we could even have thought about giving away.  He has done this time and time again. 

So am I a believer in tithing.  YES!  Have I ever been able to out give Him.  NEVER 

The Bible says to test Him in test HIm

Malachi 3:  
10Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. And thereby put me to the test, says the LORD of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need. 11I will rebuke the devourerb for you, so that it will not destroy the fruits of your soil, and your vine in the field shall not fail to bear, says the LORD of hosts. 12Then all nations will call you blessed, for you will be a land of delight, says the LORD of hosts.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Let Us Love Well

Image result for food pictures

I love… love…. love to love on people.  Most of the time I do this through food. (we won't speak of the gravy I burned for South Church last week....lets just say that pan may never be the same.)  I wish I was a gift giver like my husband or maybe the hugger that my Titus is.  Nope that just isn’t me.  You give me the opportunity to cook for someone…now that puts me in my happy place. 

I get to help with the meals that our church provides to a family that have lost a love one.  What an awesome way to get to love on people.  They don’t have to worry about anything….we provide everything they will need to just set back, visit and enjoy a meal together.  The way God has worked in each one of these times makes me think I am pretty sure he is all about this type of service too.  Let me just give you a few examples….someone just happened to call me from Sam’s today and ask if I needed anything while she was there.  God is just cool like that.   God knew I wanted to get a new box of potatoes and some gravy mix but he also knew I wouldn’t have time to make that trip to Sam’s myself.  Heaven to Betsy she even picked me up a gallon of milk for me while she was there.  Another generous lady offered to run an errand in Fayetteville for me to get the meat back to the church.   “Yes” was the first words out of so many peoples mouth when I called them to line up the food.  Seriously you have to be a pretty awesome person to say I will take care of all the corn and salad for seventy five people….actually you are just doing what God has called you to do and I am pretty sure it makes Him smile.  We get the opportunity to be his hands and feet this week…and FBC Farmington is doing it well.  Now if God could just send a few angels to put up the tables when we are done that would be awesome.   So glad we get to love well together.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Is He Greater Than the Rain?

I have decided life is really hard.  Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair.  I have asked myself over and over am I doing this parenting thing right.  We had eighteen awesome fifth graders last night in class.  Some of these children come from hard places and some of them come from wonderful homes.  Where will these children be in seven years?  Will they be warriors for the one true God or will they choose the broad road that leads to destruction?  Last night we talked about how we are all different but we needed each other.  That God has built us to need other people and to need him.  We are not to be alone.  How many of these Wednesday nights will they remember?  Will there be anything that will stick with them when they start having to make those really hard decisions on which road they will take?  What will I do as a parent?  If they choose the broad road, how will I be able to love them back into a right relationship with their family and with their God.  Will they want my help or will they turn their back on everything they have been taught?  How will I handle this?  Will I choose to praise him in the rain.

I do know that from past experience that our only hope is in Jesus. For those people in really hard places right now....He is there.  For those who have experienced past hurts...He was there.  For those people who are heading in the direction of your hurt...He will be there.  

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Picking Your Friends

God decided at the very beginning that it was not good for man to be alone.  This is the topic for our study on next Wednesday night with a bunch of wonderful fifth graders.  Have you ever wanted someone to get something...I mean really get it.  I came home last night thinking what in the world am I doing.  The kids got nothing....I mean nothing out of the lesson tonight.  Between refereeing and trying to talk above the chatter I was defeated.  So when I got home after grounding one child from their ipod till eternity (really just till Sunday) I had myself a little chat with God.  Gave myself a little pep talk.  "You won't let them defeat you.  You will teach them something.  YOU WILL YOU WILL YOU WILL.  How can you do this better Bekah.  There has got to be a way to get the point across.  Bekah you are not stupid you can't let these fifth graders win....I might be a little competitive.  lol"  So after I gave this great pep talk to myself I read next week's lesson.  We are not to do it alone.  "Hello Bekah You are not to do it alone.  Are you are not to do it alone."  I didn't pray at the start of the class. Really what was I expecting. I had some great helpers but without God in control there is just a bunch of stinky kids running their mouths.  Have I mentioned the smell in this classroom on Wednesday night.  I can't really describe it...wet dog, wet feet in shoes all day smell.  Heaven forbid one of them raises their hands to answer a question.    School does something to children during the day.  You drop off these sweet smelling, clean, pleasant children and it returns to you dirty stinky grouches.    Okay that is just a side note.  So back to next week lesson....God does not want us to do this life alone.  First we need to turn to him for his help and then we need to surround ourselves with those that can spur us on to good works.  By no mistake God has put me in the book of Daniel in my own personal Bible study right now.  Guess what my lesson was on this morning.  Daniel and his friends standing up to the king in deciding they would follow God's diet plan for them.  Daniel was not alone.  God was with Daniel and in God's great mercy He placed friends in Daniels life to encourage him to reach for the goals that God had set for him.  So my encouragement to you....pick your friends wisely.  Those that will help you stand tall in a world that seems to bow to everything.  I asked my kids this morning who in their lives is that friend that encourages them to go toward the goals God has set for them.    Who is yours?

Monday, October 5, 2015


So I am on a roll....:0

We have started having small group again.  You know that time where you are suppose to get with other adults and "learn how to do life".   The host home requires all hands on deck to clean their house and then you tell your kids not to use the bathroom at any point until all company has left the building.  OH, wait.... does everyone not do that when they are having company over.  Okay, well anyway.  

Because we are to cheap and they are really hard to find we are not using a babysitter for the younger ones.  So as we are learning to teach our kids daily about Jesus in our home we lock them on the back porch.  :)  As they beg to come in I casually yell...."wait till the video is over...we are learning about Jesus"  As I type this I can't help but laugh.  Of course we didn't actually lock them outside for the 20 minutes that we watched the video but we did discourage entrance into the home.  I am afraid we might have missed the point.

Next week I plan on tieing them to the couch and making them watch the video with us while chewing on candy so they don't talk.  I totally think my plan will work.

So it has been so long since I have done this.....I am not sure I know how.  We won't mention how long it took me to figure out how to even log on.  Being a mom and working full time pretty much kicks my tushi most days so taking the time to just write about everyday stuff is hard. BUT I didn't want to miss the opportunity to document last Sunday.   Titus was baptized!!!!  He might have been a little excited that his Papaw came up to do and was able to do the baptism. 

  About a month ago he decided he was ready to be a follower of Jesus.  He had been asking questions for a while but always got distracted after just a few moments of talking about what all this "salvation thing" meant.  Then about a month ago....he was just ready.  God is so good to us.  He pursues each of us until we are ready to make that decision to follow him.  Thank  you Jesus. 
Bro. Barry preached on a verse from John 14 this Sunday.  Verse 12 talks about "anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works"  Titus has the power to do great things for God.  We pray that this is just the beginning of his journey.  We can't wait to see how he is used by the one who gives us all power to do even greater works.