Monday, October 5, 2015


So I am on a roll....:0

We have started having small group again.  You know that time where you are suppose to get with other adults and "learn how to do life".   The host home requires all hands on deck to clean their house and then you tell your kids not to use the bathroom at any point until all company has left the building.  OH, wait.... does everyone not do that when they are having company over.  Okay, well anyway.  

Because we are to cheap and they are really hard to find we are not using a babysitter for the younger ones.  So as we are learning to teach our kids daily about Jesus in our home we lock them on the back porch.  :)  As they beg to come in I casually yell...."wait till the video is over...we are learning about Jesus"  As I type this I can't help but laugh.  Of course we didn't actually lock them outside for the 20 minutes that we watched the video but we did discourage entrance into the home.  I am afraid we might have missed the point.

Next week I plan on tieing them to the couch and making them watch the video with us while chewing on candy so they don't talk.  I totally think my plan will work.

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