Thursday, October 8, 2015

Picking Your Friends

God decided at the very beginning that it was not good for man to be alone.  This is the topic for our study on next Wednesday night with a bunch of wonderful fifth graders.  Have you ever wanted someone to get something...I mean really get it.  I came home last night thinking what in the world am I doing.  The kids got nothing....I mean nothing out of the lesson tonight.  Between refereeing and trying to talk above the chatter I was defeated.  So when I got home after grounding one child from their ipod till eternity (really just till Sunday) I had myself a little chat with God.  Gave myself a little pep talk.  "You won't let them defeat you.  You will teach them something.  YOU WILL YOU WILL YOU WILL.  How can you do this better Bekah.  There has got to be a way to get the point across.  Bekah you are not stupid you can't let these fifth graders win....I might be a little competitive.  lol"  So after I gave this great pep talk to myself I read next week's lesson.  We are not to do it alone.  "Hello Bekah You are not to do it alone.  Are you are not to do it alone."  I didn't pray at the start of the class. Really what was I expecting. I had some great helpers but without God in control there is just a bunch of stinky kids running their mouths.  Have I mentioned the smell in this classroom on Wednesday night.  I can't really describe it...wet dog, wet feet in shoes all day smell.  Heaven forbid one of them raises their hands to answer a question.    School does something to children during the day.  You drop off these sweet smelling, clean, pleasant children and it returns to you dirty stinky grouches.    Okay that is just a side note.  So back to next week lesson....God does not want us to do this life alone.  First we need to turn to him for his help and then we need to surround ourselves with those that can spur us on to good works.  By no mistake God has put me in the book of Daniel in my own personal Bible study right now.  Guess what my lesson was on this morning.  Daniel and his friends standing up to the king in deciding they would follow God's diet plan for them.  Daniel was not alone.  God was with Daniel and in God's great mercy He placed friends in Daniels life to encourage him to reach for the goals that God had set for him.  So my encouragement to you....pick your friends wisely.  Those that will help you stand tall in a world that seems to bow to everything.  I asked my kids this morning who in their lives is that friend that encourages them to go toward the goals God has set for them.    Who is yours?

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