Thursday, October 22, 2015

Andrew - Love this Kid


If you are around Andrew for very long at all you will know that he loves to play sports.  Currently baseball and football are kind of tied for his favorites.  I am very proud of him for all his skills in this area but I am more proud of his accomplishments in the spiritual areas of his life. 

Andrew - Always bringing someone to Jesus.
We gave our boys names that we wanted them to live up to.  Andrew was named Andrew because in the Bible Andrew was always bringing people to Jesus.  We have talked several times about how Andrew got his name and have prayed specifically that he would be bold in telling his friends about Jesus.  A couple of weeks ago Andrew brought a couple of friends with him to Wednesday night class and I was super proud that he had the courage to invite them.  Last night I was even more proud...  One of his friends started talking about baptism and was asking Andrew all about it.  In our car on the way from football practice to church, Andrew and another boy were basically able to share with their friend what being a Christian was all about and why a person gets baptized.  I might have been glowing a little to hear the conversation in the back of my car. 

So this is just how God works.  Yesterday morning I had specifically asked my bible study  “cool girls” to be praying for our class on Wednesday night.  In the middle of the day yesterday God told me without a doubt I should share the plan of salvation during class that night.  It was no accident that Andrew’s friend comes up to me and starts talking and asking questions about what this whole baptism thing means while walking to my car.  God was in control when those two friends were sharing their faith in the car.  God is just good like that.  I was able to present  God’s plan for their lives last night during class.  I know that seeds were planted and I am so excited to see how they grow in these fifth grade students.  If you are not involved with working children and getting to tell them about Jesus….you my friend are missing out on a huge blessing. 

Yes at times Andrew drives me crazy.  Is he a perfect child...of course not.  But when your child is able to share their faith there is nothing more that could make a parent get those "happy, happy, happy feelings."  I hope one day he will use his mad athletic skills and his leadership skills to lead all those around him to the one who can give them eternal life. 

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Jill McSheehy said...

How exciting! That was the main reason we named our Drew as well!