Friday, October 16, 2015

Let Us Love Well

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I love… love…. love to love on people.  Most of the time I do this through food. (we won't speak of the gravy I burned for South Church last week....lets just say that pan may never be the same.)  I wish I was a gift giver like my husband or maybe the hugger that my Titus is.  Nope that just isn’t me.  You give me the opportunity to cook for someone…now that puts me in my happy place. 

I get to help with the meals that our church provides to a family that have lost a love one.  What an awesome way to get to love on people.  They don’t have to worry about anything….we provide everything they will need to just set back, visit and enjoy a meal together.  The way God has worked in each one of these times makes me think I am pretty sure he is all about this type of service too.  Let me just give you a few examples….someone just happened to call me from Sam’s today and ask if I needed anything while she was there.  God is just cool like that.   God knew I wanted to get a new box of potatoes and some gravy mix but he also knew I wouldn’t have time to make that trip to Sam’s myself.  Heaven to Betsy she even picked me up a gallon of milk for me while she was there.  Another generous lady offered to run an errand in Fayetteville for me to get the meat back to the church.   “Yes” was the first words out of so many peoples mouth when I called them to line up the food.  Seriously you have to be a pretty awesome person to say I will take care of all the corn and salad for seventy five people….actually you are just doing what God has called you to do and I am pretty sure it makes Him smile.  We get the opportunity to be his hands and feet this week…and FBC Farmington is doing it well.  Now if God could just send a few angels to put up the tables when we are done that would be awesome.   So glad we get to love well together.

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