Friday, February 27, 2009

Sweet Andrew

Scene: I am changing Titus' diaper.
Andrew: Mom does he have dynamite
Mom: Dynamite?
Andrew: Yeah dynamite
Mom: Dynamite? (obviously I am not catching on)
Andrew: You know I had it a couple of weeks ago.
Mom: Oh you mean diarrhea.
Andrew: Yeah
Mom: No, it is always like that.

Scene: Changing another diaper
Mom: Oh, his belly button fell off.
Andrew: Yeah he can eat real food now.

Scene: Nursing
Andrew: Oh he eats out of your belly.
Mom: Yes (I just can't bring myself to explain the whole process to him)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It Rained and Rained and Rained

Well it actually didn't rain, but we had a wonderful shower.

This wonderful group of women decided to bless our family with a shower. It was so nice. Kendra volunteered her house which she decorated with items from the babies room and everyone else I think helped with the food. The centerpiece Ginny did and it will go great in the babies room. It looks like a lady bug.

Here is the star of the party. He pretty much slept the whole time. No one got to see his eyes open. Yes his shirt does say Momma's Boy. What I would give to have those skinny legs.

Doesn't he have a cute tushi.

Nannie and Memaw came over for the big event.The Guest:


Pam, Julie, Miranda, Wendy, Ginny

Aunt Stephanie, Rachel, Memaw

Julie & Miranda

Nannie & Titus

Susan, Jennifer, Katie, Kelly, Gail

Wendy & Ginny

The food was excellent.

I won't mention how many of these cookies I have eaten. I got to take the leftovers home with me.

Are these not so cool. The holder that looks like a cupcake wrapper is actually made out of chocolate. Gail made these. She is one talented lady. The plate behind these were mini cheesecakes. I won't tell how many of these I ate either. Lets just say I know what each flavor tasted like.

We are so blessed to have such generous friends and family and church family.
These are most of the diapers and wipes that we got. I have already used some so they are not all pictured. It should be a while before we have to buy any.

Receiving blankets, nail clippers, wash clothes. & sleepers

Just in case he ever needs a bath. Boys are usually pretty clean. hahaha
The little package at the bottom is homemade soap. It smells really good.
More diapers and wipes with a cute little bucket.


Aunt Stephanie put my name on this one.



Gail put his name on this bib. It is so cute. The ears have teethers on the end of them. Is that not cool.

Memaw made this baby blanket for Titus. The back of it is flannel. It is adorable.
When sippy cups are about 7 years old it is time for some new ones.

I was very much looking forward to this gift. J.J. made the diaper bag and Gail did the embroidery and made the wipes case and burp cloth to match. The diaper bag even has compartments inside it.

Bath towel

We also got another homemade towel and jacket that I have already put up. One of the students that I teach in Sunday School mother made it for me. He was so excited to give it to me. It is really cute. We got an ear thermometer. I have already been playing with it so I didn't get its picture either. It talks to you. I also got some smell good stuff for me. Kendra and Karen cleaned my house for me as part of my baby gift. Now isn't that an awesome gift.
I just can't say how blessed we are to have so many people help us celebrate the birth of Titus.

Friday, February 20, 2009


"I believe it's a mission that God himself has put in all of us. As believers, we do not live on an island. We are part of a great universe of people who are loved by God, and his desire is that, as his children, we care about others." Luci Swindoll

I am actually sitting here by myself to start a new Bible study I bought a few weeks ago. I have been awful this past week about having a quiet time. It seems I am just surviving. Titus really likes sleeping during the day but not so much at night. Anyway enough about my wonderful sleep deprived life of a new mom. I wanted to share something out of my Bible study today.

This is a women of faith study on encouraging one another. I don't want to be such a Debbie Downer so I thought this would do me some good. Really how can you encourage someone if you are always looking at the negative side of a situation.

The verse at the very beginning of the study was this - "Think of ways to encourage one another to outbursts of love and good deeds" Hebrews 10:24 NLT

The first thing that popped into my mind was the meals we have received. Not that I am always thinking of food, but this has been a great encouragement. People have taken time out of their busy schedule to do something nice for my family.

A few days ago when the whole breast feeding thing was not going so well I was thinking about giving up. Of course my cheapness would not allow that, and it has gotten so much better. Anyway I say this because after things got better I told myself that I was going to remember this. The next time someone has a baby and I know they are going to breastfeed I am going to call them on about the third day and say "you can do this, it going to get better".

One of the verses 2Corinthians 1:6 talks about God allowing us to go through certain situation so that we can minister to others when they are going through something similar. I am sure there are many situation that each of us have been through that we could use as a way to be an encourager to another that is going through that same situation. Whether it is losing a child, infertility, adultery, pornography, child discipline, there are just so many thing that can be used in our daily lives to help someone else. Who knows maybe even something as small as breastfeeding.

My prayer today is that I will use every situation in my life to be an encouragement to someone else.

Well I am going to go try and wake the baby. It's going to be time to eat again before long. You know that is all babies do. Eat, Sleep and Poop, and Poop, and Poop.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Half the Battle

Woohoo!!!! I put on a pair of my old jeans today. I didn't actually button them but I did get them on. I wore my belly band to help keep them up. I am really looking forward to wearing regular clothes again. I just thought everyone else would be excited as me about actually wearing something without and elastic waste. Of course as much as I am eating lately it might be a while before they actually button, I didn't remember how hungry you are all the time while you are nursing. Right now I have an excuse. I can use this same excuse for as long as I am nursing. RIGHT???? It is so cool to have supper being brought to us almost every night. I am going to be so spoiled when this ends. I can't even begin to explain how wonderful it is not to have to worry about what you are going to feed your family in the evening. If only this could go on forever or at least until the children are out of the house.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Will They Think Of Next

I have not kept up on the baby scene. Did you know that the diapers we are using have a line that changes colors on the outside when they have wet in them. You don't even have to feel inside to see if they wet. Is this not cool. What will they think of next. They cost about 10.00 for 40 of them. Apparently the smaller the diaper the more expensive they are. That makes total sense really. They are using less material they should charge the customer more. RIGHT???? I have calculated that it cost me about 3.50 dollars a day to keep him in a dry diaper. I guess he is worth it. hahaha
Did you know that even though a baby weighs less than 6lbs doesn't mean they can wear newborn clothing. My mom bought him a newborn outfit and I tried to put it on him today and it just didn't work. It was to short. I think if it didn't have the feet already in them they might have worked. 0-3 months seems to be way big on him but we will just have to make them work because they newborns won't.
These are just a few of the things that have come to light just today. Boy this having a baby thing is a learning experience with each new child.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

God is Good

Here we are leaving the hospital. I was so ready to be at home.

Ginny is loaning us Nathan's car seat and Timmy got Titus the bear for valentines day. Yes the hat does say I love my daddy. Timmy picked out his going home clothes. My mom got him the outfit and we already had the hat.

We are home and getting settled in. The older boys are at Memaws and Papaws. Timmy, Titus and I are just hanging out at the house. I got a wonderful surprise when we got home. My house was clean. I don't mean just tidy. It was really clean. They even organized my pantry and cleaned the refrigerator. I don't know if my refrigerator has ever been that clean. The boys made this sign with a little help. I have such great friends. We had a wonderful supper brought to us. The Tulips in the picture below are from the Jansson. They are really beautiful. She brought them to me in the hospital.They even decorated the dining room so that Timmy and I could have a valentine dinner together including candle light. It was kinda funny. I laid Titus in his bed and then met Timmy in the dining room. Timmy had even already got me a pillow to sit in the chair. Isn't he sweet. As soon as we set down. Titus started crying. So he ate dinner with us. He was a very good guest though. He set in his car seat and slept.Titus is not too into sleeping in a bed by himself. If he is asleep one of us is usually holding him. I don't think that you can spoil a baby. He just wants to feel secure and hear our heartbeats.Aren't his feet perfect. God did such a good job creating him. I just can't imagine that eight months ago we thought our family was complete. God obviously knows what he is doing.