Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pregnancy Update & Misc. Items

I am still pregnant. hehehehe

I went to the doctor yesterday and she said everything was good. If he decides to come now they will let him. I am dilated to one and 50% effaced what ever that means. She said his head was engaged and he is ready to go. She also mentioned that if I have not had him by the first week in March they might go ahead and induce depending on how much weight he is gaining. She thinks he weighs about 6lbs right now. I really like about 5 weeks but I am perfectly okay to go a little early. We are going on a little trip to Branson next weekend if nothing happens just to get away for a while before the baby gets here. Oh yeah and to do my taxes. Romantic weekend and taxes do those go together??????? Oh well you got to do what you got to do. I have a few more decorations to hang in the room and it will be done. woohoo. Some friends have decided to give me a shower. Not that I stink. I am excited about that but a little nervous. I just don't want people to feel obligated to do anything. Especially it being my third child. I liked the way Kelly put it to me last night. We should celebrate every new life whether it is your first or third.

On a funnier note. While Andrew was in bed with me this morning he asked me why I had breast, while he was patting them.
My answer "I don't know"

Andrew has no modesty and he doesn't understand why anyone else should either. While he was taking a bath the other day I decided that I probably had time for myself one while he was occupied. After getting myself in the bathtub the door opens and here comes Andrew. Naked.
Andrew "Mom, why do you get so much water?"
Mom "Andrew leave, I don't want you in here, I am taking a bath"
Andrew "But mom why do you get more water than me?"
Mom "Because I am an adult, now leave"
Andrew " I want to put my starwars man in your water"

Oh the joys of having a 4 year old. Will I ever get to use the bathroom by myself again????


Suzette said...

HAHAHA!!!! I swear, your stories crack me up! And your answers, I don't know.. are priceless!

The Hickman's said...

I always love your stories! What does it mean to go to the bathroom alone?? =)

Cassie said... said...

my boys always complain about the water level issue. I told them that I have the same amount as fat body just makes it look fuller!

Anonymous said...

Aren't children such a blessing?!!? That's why the Bible has to tell us to love our children...Not babies. Who couldn't love a baby? They don't walk in on you while you're pooping, fight with their brother or whine. I'm thinking babies are easier(to a degree) than big kids are. Love ya girl! Hang in there!

Leah said...

Cute. Can't wait to see what the newest Disheroon looks like. Probably like the other two, huh??? :)

Post some shower picts for those of us who can't attend.