Saturday, February 14, 2009

God is Good

Here we are leaving the hospital. I was so ready to be at home.

Ginny is loaning us Nathan's car seat and Timmy got Titus the bear for valentines day. Yes the hat does say I love my daddy. Timmy picked out his going home clothes. My mom got him the outfit and we already had the hat.

We are home and getting settled in. The older boys are at Memaws and Papaws. Timmy, Titus and I are just hanging out at the house. I got a wonderful surprise when we got home. My house was clean. I don't mean just tidy. It was really clean. They even organized my pantry and cleaned the refrigerator. I don't know if my refrigerator has ever been that clean. The boys made this sign with a little help. I have such great friends. We had a wonderful supper brought to us. The Tulips in the picture below are from the Jansson. They are really beautiful. She brought them to me in the hospital.They even decorated the dining room so that Timmy and I could have a valentine dinner together including candle light. It was kinda funny. I laid Titus in his bed and then met Timmy in the dining room. Timmy had even already got me a pillow to sit in the chair. Isn't he sweet. As soon as we set down. Titus started crying. So he ate dinner with us. He was a very good guest though. He set in his car seat and slept.Titus is not too into sleeping in a bed by himself. If he is asleep one of us is usually holding him. I don't think that you can spoil a baby. He just wants to feel secure and hear our heartbeats.Aren't his feet perfect. God did such a good job creating him. I just can't imagine that eight months ago we thought our family was complete. God obviously knows what he is doing.


Karen L. said...

you are right! you let him sleep on you whenever you feel like it...they grow up too fast and then don't even want your hugs in a few short years!

The Hickman's said...

Congratulations- he is just perfect!! What color/pattern is your diaper bag?

Leah said...

sweet, sweet!

glad your house got cleaned and that you loved that surprise!! what great friends!! :)

Taylor Family said...

I just love the pictures of his feet. That's so sweet!