Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Activities

Since I have not posted in a while this is going to be very long. Just wanted to warn you in advance.

Andrew reading a book Christmas eve. Noah making a present for his Nannie. I was just helping hold it while he did all the work.

Andrew made reindeer food in Children's church. Yes he is barefoot out in our front yard spreading it out.

We have a tradition of baking and decorating cookies during the Christmas Holiday.

I helped organize the Christmas party in Noah's Class. We had pizza, read the Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado, gave out goodie bags and had their pictures taken with Santa. Andrew got to come since we helped. He enjoyed himself also.

Fayetteville Square

This picture is so disappointing. I had a teenager we knew take it of us. I asked him if all of our eyes were open I just didn't think about asking him if it was light enough to see us. I am just learning my new camera and I think you have to manually put the flash up when you want to have one. Oh well better luck next year I guess.

Look at those blue eyes.

Noah took this one. I look a little drunk but at least you can see us.

Don't I have cute boys!!!!!!

Christmas in Sunday School

We talked about Jesus' family in Sunday School and what all they might do together. So naturally that made us talk about what we do as a family. Of course, decorate Christmas cookies. All the kids enjoyed icing and putting sprinkles on their Christmas cookies. Of course they enjoyed eating them also. I am sure the parents appreciated all the sugar that was consumed also.

Yes that is Julie licking her knife. At least it was plastic.

Clay enjoyed decorating his cookie more than actually eating it.

Barry liked the green Christmas tree sprinkles.

We even shared with a few of the adults that came by. I don't know if they got a lot out of the story buy they did enjoy the cookies.

Back in Business

I have my new camera. I whined enough that Timmy bought us one for our anniversary present to each other. I have such a sweet husband. I will need to post several different events to get caught up.