Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

This year Andrew was such a big help with the Christmas decorating.  I think he is taking after his daddy.

Of course I had to do the one job that I do ....Put the angel on the top.   I do help a little.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Do I Really Trust Him

Many of us say that we completely TRUST God and his plans for our lives.  I personally thought I had that one down pat until.....  Ti (my sweet darling of a two year old) has been sick for a long time.  He always seems to have some type of runny nosy or is cranky for some reason.  After having him allergy tested for various things it was decided that he did not have allergies per say he had irritants.  Basically we try to restrict his diet so that the side effects of what he does eat are mild and easy to handle.  And of course he takes zyrtec every night and mucinex every morning which helps some also.  After going back to the allergist we all decided it was time for him to go to the ENT doctor.  His snoring was so loud that it was impossible for anyone to be in the room and try to rest while he was sleeping.  IT WAS BAD.

At the visit to the ENT doctor it was decided that he needed his adenoids and tonsils removed.  They really don't like to do it on someone this young but he needed it done NOW.  The surgery was scheduled for two weeks later.

Of course at this point I started praying for safety.  Really, God has never allowed anything major to happen to my children.  The what ifs starting going through my head.  What if God chose to let something happen, how would I handle it.  As I was praying I kept hearing this soft voice (that's just how God speaks to me) "do you trust me...do you trust me with  one of your most prized  possessions....yeah you'll trust me with your housing, your money, your job but what about this"  At this point I started questioning myself....have I given everything to him.  Do I trust him with my most "prized possession" (my children). I came to the realization that I need to work on this area.  I need to remember that God is always good, he does not make a mistake, and he loves my children more than I could ever think about.  He loves them with a perfect love because he is a perfect God.

So now here I sit in the hospital room with a sleeping two year old beside me.  Yes God did choose to have the surgery go perfectly.  The Doctor told us that his adenoids were taking up 70% of his airway along with having huge tonsils.  Yes, God did know that he needed the surgery and yes he was protecting him before and through it.  This is the third day in the hospital and we are waiting for Titus to choose to drink something so we can go home (obviously we can't make a two year old drink).  Hopefully if things would have turned out differently I would have praised God in that storm also.  How about you?   Can  you identify with me and have a little bit of trouble in that Trust department?  Is there anything that has helped you be able to give Him EVERYTHING? 

It's hard to play the ipod with just one hand.  Dad is helping.

Ti and Papaw playing piggies before the surgery

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Christmas Decor

I am slowly learning that God is much more concerned about my heart's condition than if my house is beautifully decorated for Christmas.  Anyone that knows me and knows our family well at all... knows that Tim is the one that decorates for the holidays.  That is just not my thing.

There are a few things that are a tradition for us that I do really like.  One of those traditions is each year I make sure that each boy has an ornament with their picture in it and the year is on it somewhere.  I am hoping to have one for each year so that when they are married and they have their own Christmas tree they will be able to take all of their Christmas ornaments and help decorate their first Christmas tree.  I so enjoy looking at the ornaments each year and see how they have changed.

Now on with my story.  So Mrs. E really enjoys throwing things to see them break.  I don't actually think she is trying to break them and I know I am taking this way to personally but....  One might say I was a little bit upset about her latest item thrown.  I really wanted to cry...all these thoughts were running through my mind...does she not realize how much these mean to me  (hello, bekah she is two), one day the boys are going to treasure these ornaments as much as I do (probably not, but I can hope), she did that just to make me mad.

So as I set her down in time out I began to pray.  Lord, really these items are important...I have a right to be mad...I am tired of being nice....And many other things that sound just as stupid at this point.  Then I hear this small quiet voice.  "These are just material things....what about her eternity.  This might be the only Christmas that she hears about the true meaning of Christmas".  Then I rant some more about how important my STUFF is and then I hear this small voice again..."These are just material things. Will she one day know my love.  Will she have anyone to tell her about me when she is old enough to understand all that I have sacrificed because of my love for her.  ."  Okay God I hear you loud and clear... quite whispering in my ear.

So this year we will be playing with the nativity set just a little more (by the way it is nonbreakable).  We will be talking about the Christmas story just a little more.  We will not be setting up the table setting that is breakable.  We will have to turn our Christmas lights off at 7:30 so that one little Mrs. E will go to sleep.  (that is a whole different story) and we will remember the great sacrifice God gave through his Son because of his love for us.

So will anything be changing around your house this Christmas season?

By the way I was able to fix the Christmas ornament with a little bit of super glue.  Super glue is my hero.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Halloween 2011

Since Noah had a broken arm he decided to  go with a car wreck theme.  He played the part quite well.

This was the cutest Elmo that I have ever seen....and I am sure everyone thought so not just his momma.

Doesn't this picture just make you smile.  Now be honest you know it does.

Halloween is one of Tim's favorite holidays..not so much mine.  Getting five kids in and out of a car so that you can go ask people for candy is not my idea of fun...especially when three of those children are in car seats and they have to be unbuckled each and every time.

We went to a little carnival on the school parking lot that was put on by a church that meets at the school.  The kids enjoyed it and momma enjoyed it because we didn't have to get in and out of the car a dozen time.  Did I mention that I don't particularly enjoy getting three kids in and out of a car seat to ask random people for candy.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

I had the priviledge of going with Andrew to the Mcgarrah Pumpkin Patch.  We had lots of fun.  
A little pumpkin racing.
A little picture posing.
A little corn mazing.
I just thought this picture was really cute so I wanted to include it.

I will blink my eyes and he won't want to be seen with me.  I am going to miss these days.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another Sweet Andrew

The day after he decided to ask Jesus into his heart the discussion below occured as I was picking them up from school.

Andrew gets into the car.  I had already picked up Noah.

Andrew "Mom do we have football practice this afternoon."
Mom "No, we have church"
Andrew "Yippee"
Noah "why are you saying that about going to church"
In a very matter of fact voice Andrew says "Well, because I am a Christian now"

Talk about making a momma's heart melt. 

The next day Andrew ask's me "So mom now that I am a Christian what am I suppose to do?"  Really how are you suppose to answer that?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

Noah's Broken Bones

So, I get a call Monday night around 8pm.  The voice on the other end says "Noah has broken his arm and we are headed to the emergency room"  It took me a while to realize she was not joking.  After football practice Noah had went with some friends to the skating rink.  While leaving the rink...yes I did say "while leaving"... Noah was walking on this little two foot ledge and lost his balance and fell.  

I told our friends to take him to Physicians' Specialty Hospital's emergency room and I would meet them there.  I might have drove a little fast.   All I could think of was that child was hurt and of course he needed his momma to be there.   On my way to the hospital I called the couple that we always call in an emergency.  The Deweys.... we are so blessed to have them in our lives.  They came over to keep the rest of the kids so Tim could head to the hospital and be with us.  At that point we didn't know how bad it was and how long we would be there.  They were already taking x-rays when I got there.  We decided to go ahead and have an IV so that Noah could have pain medication.

Everyone at the hospital was great.  I think the only time that Noah cried a little bit was when he got the IV.  Hallelujah the nurse got it on the first try. 

This is what I saw when I got to the hospital.
I always wondered how someone could know for sure that something was broken without taking and x-ray.  Now I know.  
They sent the x-rays to Dr. Cox and he looked at them on his home computer.  He came up to the hospital and set his arm before we went home.  Momma and Dad had to leave during this.  We were welcome to stay but I knew I wouldn't be able to handle it.  There is just something about seeing your baby in pain.

The above x-rays are before the bones were set and the ones below were after they were set. 

We went back to the doctor on Wednesday and the doctors said everything looked great and he will get his real cast in a week.  He has to wear a cast that goes above his elbow for about three weeks and then a short cast for about three more weeks.  Noah will not get to play his last two football games but we are hoping that by the time basketball season gets here he will be almost completely healed up.  If God chooses to speed up the healing process that would work well for us and his basketball team lol.  He can play sports with the shorter cast but of course it will just be a little more difficult.

Sorry if the whole xrays and broken bones is kinda gross I just wanted Noah to be able to look back and see it.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things are always changing

Starting November 1st I will be working full time at the University of Arkansas Foundation.  This will be the first time for me to work full time since Noah was born 10 years ago.  I am a little nervous to say the least.  The big boys will be going to the after school program and Ti will have to change what he has been currently dong also.  We had always planned for me to go back to work full time when the kids were in school .... but God provided this opportunity a little early.  So if you could say a little prayer for me next week it would be appreciated.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Noah - Double Digits

I can't believe my first born is 10.   Where has the time gone?  
Noah wanted to have some friends over to play some flag football for his birthday party.  We ate pizza and he requested ice cream cake for the dessert.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Yes shirts are not required for a birthday party at the Disheroon's house.  I know we are just cool like that. hehe

For confidentiality we can't show Mr. "C" face on the Internet but how do you tell a four year old he can't be in the picture.  Hence the blurry face.

Noah has a couple of best buds.  They spent the night after the party.


I am so glad God decided to give you to us.  I am so very proud of you.  You seem to be good at anything you try.  Currently you are playing football but your favorite sport is basketball.  All your teachers talk about how smart and all around good kid you are.   When they talk about how they can trust you to do what's right that makes this Mommy's heart jump for joy.   You are not only very competitive in sports but also in anything else you try.  Currently you are trying to be the leader in your Awana group.  I hope as you get older your take all your God given abilities and your determination and do great thing for God.  I have noticed how your peers look to you for direction.  I know as you grow in your love of the Lord you will be directing those around you to the Jesus that you know.  When I hear you pray lately it seems that Jesus is becoming more and more real to you.  This makes a mommas heart jump for joy too.  Noah there are many, many things that you do to make me proud but nothing could make me prouder than to know you love Jesus and are one of his followers.  Noah I love you and am so happy I have been your mom for the last 10 years.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things are Wild and Crazy

What changes when you add two extra kids to the mix.

1.  It is impossible to keep up with the laundry and you might as well forget about getting the socks mated.  I am actually considering just buying all new ones.

2.  You will never eat a relaxing meal again.   

3.  It takes hours and I do mean hours to get everyone bathed and ready for bed.

4.  You can never have enough cereal in the pantry.

5.  The volume in your house is always and I do mean always very very loud.

6.  You need to start loading the car with kids at least ten minutes before you actually want to leave your house.

7.  And the very best thing that happens when you add an extra two kids to the mix.....God gives you super natural strength to get through the day when you are serving him.

This foster parent thing is definitely one of the most difficult things I have ever done but I have been blessed.  What a blessing it is to be able to tell a child that God made them and loves them that has never even heard about God before.  And when a child doesn't have a clue what you are all holding hands doing before you eat and then in just a few weeks reaches out to grab your hand before you say the prayer at supper.  Or to be putting clothes on a little girl and she reaches up and gives you a big kiss and a smile and at that point you know what she is thinking even though she is not able to communicate with you verbally.  Yes words just can't express just how blessed I am.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where I am From

So I am trying to expand my horizons.  I was reading on Mary Kay's Blog and was presented with a challenge.  I am not a writer.  After all I am accountant...they are not suppose to have to write just count and do math.  So anyway Mary Kay is a writer and a very good one and I wanted to see if I could complete this writing assignment also.  Nothing like a good challenge.  Anyway so here is my attempt.

I am from blue ice cream at the local drug store, from beef Rice A Roni with rotel and buttered white bread.
I am from the old church parsonage with swinging doors between rooms and gold carpet.  From where the window rattle each time the train goes by because you are only two houses away from the tracks.  From where you are known by what side of the tracks you live on.
I am from honeysuckle bushes in the back yard (oh the sweetness), and pecan trees all around.  From where the rice fields are flooded and the mosquitoes are so thick you can hit hundreds as you twirl around in circles with your arms held wide.
I am from eating dinner together at the table each night and saying the blessing beforehand, from Granny Younger's chocolate gravy, and Grandma Koone's pineapple upside down cake and Aint (just spelling it how it is pronounced) Lane's bread . 
I am from stubbornness and Godliness mixed up into one.
From "Telling the truth even if it takes the hide" and "Do whats right".
I am from Baptist three times a week attender.  If the doors are open we are going to be at the church.  From standing on a concrete block in the baptistry to be seen over the edge to playing hide and seek through out the old church building or skating around the poles on the concrete basement floors.
I'm from Pocahontas hospital that is now an old folks home, Tuckerman and its rice fields, and Osage with its mountains.  Thirty minutes from the closest Walmart and fifteen to the closest gas station.  Where one must always remember to get gas before you head home.  From where you have roast or fried chicken on Sundays along with mashed potatoes with whoever is the guest for that Sunday. 
From the IGA with the bottle rocket battles in the parking lot, the store that is only open when the sawmill is running and if you need ice just leave the money in the cooler.   From where if you do anything wrong your parents will know about it before you get home because everyone knows your father. 
I am from the desk drawer full of pictures.  Where you only have a few of when you were a child giving your sibling leverage to convince you that you were adopted.  Where the refrigerator was lined with three pictures are now is lined with grandchildren, eleven in all.

So that is where I from....Where are you from?

 So if you would like to participate and need the template click the link below.  I copied it from Mary Kay's blog.
From Mama Kat's Weekly Writing Workshop suggestion, .  Here is the original template.  A description of the exercise is herePretty please join in the fun, and write your own!!  Let me know if you do!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weirdo Dog

I think my dog is hormonal or crazy....

She is worse than my kids about following me from room to room.  She is constantly leaning on me and not letting me have my personal space.    I guess if this is the worse thing I have to put up with I will keep her.  lol  After all she is a sweetie and let's Ti do anything to her without responding.  

Just wondering if this is how I will be when I get older.....just follow people around from room to room.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football

Okay.... I don't care to admit it.  I have never really
watched a whole game of football.  Even when I have went to a razorback game I am usually to busy people  watching than actually watching the game.

That is until Noah has started playing.  Something about your child being involved in a sport all of a sudden you need to know all the rules and actually pay attention to the game so you can discuss it afterwards.  I remember riding home with Tim and his parents after he played ball (ages ago).  I was amazed how they could remember every play of the ball game.....I now understand.  That is just what parents do.

We won't call this blocking in the back. I think it was more from the side. I know you are amazed that I know this.  lol

Noah proudly wearing his Cardinals uniform

Noah has been so excited to finally get to play football.  I think he is really enjoying it despite of the bruises he has on various areas of his body from this sport.  I am thinking momma might like baseball or basketball better....a little less physical contact.

 I just had to put one in of this cutie. I love this picture.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Younger Weekend Get Away

My dad has been the pastor of Osage Baptist Church for 20 years.  Yep ... they just can't get rid of him.  They like him and he likes them.  For his anniversary they decided to send his whole family to a weekend get away at a lodge in Ponca, AR.

This is the Riverwind lodge near the Buffalo River.  It was really nice.  Let me take you on a tour.

Back Deck

 Looking up at the loft
 Looking toward the deck
 A table that would seat about 20.

Mom did a lot of cooking.  You just don't jump in your car and get fast food when you are in Ponca.
 The family did a lot of eating.
 This was the view from the back deck Saturday morning.
 S'mores are always good.  Let's just say I didn't count calories this weekend.

 Ti has a great time being the center of everyone's attention.

A lot of Wii was played

 Aunt Suzanne bribes Ti with letting him play with her iPhone.
 We took a hike Saturday morning.  Tim and Noah had to go to a football scrimmage, so they missed out on the fun.  Just to let you know a two year old will not walk even part of the way on a three mile hike.  We all took turns carrying him.

 I had Elizabeth take this picture just so I could prove that I took my turn carrying Ti.

 There was even a hot tub out back.  Yes, the nephews are acting like goobers. They think they are so cool.

I think I might have some more pics but it is getting late and I will have to look for them.  Maybe there will be a second post about the Younger weekend to remember.... 

Thanks to Osage Baptist for providing our whole family with such a great weekend.

PS..Thanks for all the prayers for my family.  My dad's back is doing really good.  God has chosen to heal his body.  He did not take the hike with us just because he is not quiet ready for that long of a hike.