Monday, November 28, 2011

Halloween 2011

Since Noah had a broken arm he decided to  go with a car wreck theme.  He played the part quite well.

This was the cutest Elmo that I have ever seen....and I am sure everyone thought so not just his momma.

Doesn't this picture just make you smile.  Now be honest you know it does.

Halloween is one of Tim's favorite holidays..not so much mine.  Getting five kids in and out of a car so that you can go ask people for candy is not my idea of fun...especially when three of those children are in car seats and they have to be unbuckled each and every time.

We went to a little carnival on the school parking lot that was put on by a church that meets at the school.  The kids enjoyed it and momma enjoyed it because we didn't have to get in and out of the car a dozen time.  Did I mention that I don't particularly enjoy getting three kids in and out of a car seat to ask random people for candy.

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