Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another Sweet Andrew

The day after he decided to ask Jesus into his heart the discussion below occured as I was picking them up from school.

Andrew gets into the car.  I had already picked up Noah.

Andrew "Mom do we have football practice this afternoon."
Mom "No, we have church"
Andrew "Yippee"
Noah "why are you saying that about going to church"
In a very matter of fact voice Andrew says "Well, because I am a Christian now"

Talk about making a momma's heart melt. 

The next day Andrew ask's me "So mom now that I am a Christian what am I suppose to do?"  Really how are you suppose to answer that?

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Jessica said...

Oh, wow! I cannot wait for that day to come with Harbor!! : ) You are a wonderful mommy! So blessed to have a son who will be with you, forever, in heaven. {I noticed that you are not on my sidebar in my blog links.. mind if I add you?} Thanks! : )