Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Christmas Decor

I am slowly learning that God is much more concerned about my heart's condition than if my house is beautifully decorated for Christmas.  Anyone that knows me and knows our family well at all... knows that Tim is the one that decorates for the holidays.  That is just not my thing.

There are a few things that are a tradition for us that I do really like.  One of those traditions is each year I make sure that each boy has an ornament with their picture in it and the year is on it somewhere.  I am hoping to have one for each year so that when they are married and they have their own Christmas tree they will be able to take all of their Christmas ornaments and help decorate their first Christmas tree.  I so enjoy looking at the ornaments each year and see how they have changed.

Now on with my story.  So Mrs. E really enjoys throwing things to see them break.  I don't actually think she is trying to break them and I know I am taking this way to personally but....  One might say I was a little bit upset about her latest item thrown.  I really wanted to cry...all these thoughts were running through my mind...does she not realize how much these mean to me  (hello, bekah she is two), one day the boys are going to treasure these ornaments as much as I do (probably not, but I can hope), she did that just to make me mad.

So as I set her down in time out I began to pray.  Lord, really these items are important...I have a right to be mad...I am tired of being nice....And many other things that sound just as stupid at this point.  Then I hear this small quiet voice.  "These are just material things....what about her eternity.  This might be the only Christmas that she hears about the true meaning of Christmas".  Then I rant some more about how important my STUFF is and then I hear this small voice again..."These are just material things. Will she one day know my love.  Will she have anyone to tell her about me when she is old enough to understand all that I have sacrificed because of my love for her.  ."  Okay God I hear you loud and clear... quite whispering in my ear.

So this year we will be playing with the nativity set just a little more (by the way it is nonbreakable).  We will be talking about the Christmas story just a little more.  We will not be setting up the table setting that is breakable.  We will have to turn our Christmas lights off at 7:30 so that one little Mrs. E will go to sleep.  (that is a whole different story) and we will remember the great sacrifice God gave through his Son because of his love for us.

So will anything be changing around your house this Christmas season?

By the way I was able to fix the Christmas ornament with a little bit of super glue.  Super glue is my hero.

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