Wednesday, March 31, 2010

God Must Be At Work

I am trying to figure out if God's trying to teach me patience and grace or is he just trying to prove to me that he is in control no matter how I plan things.

So earlier in the week I get a message that the stage that we use in Awana will not be at it's usual state for Wednesday night.  No big deal... I can  manage.

Tuesday - email from one of the puppetiers he has to work late and will not be able to make it Wednesday night.  No big deal......Tim can fill in.

Wednesday NIGHT - Go into the theater to start setting up.  No scripts.  No big deal....  I go to look for them.  Meet one of the other puppetiers and am informed that he isn't going to help tonight because the youth pastor asked him to do something.  (I got dumped for a better job)  Go into the church and am not able to find the scripts.  Am informed by another one of the puppetiers that we aren't having puppets tonight.  WHAT !!!! No one informed me of this.  I have nothing else prepared.  (Okay, so if you know me you know that I really like to be prepared)   I have to then go find the person I emailed the scripts to to see where he has printed them out at.  This results in me digging through his trash and making my own copies.  Which I am okay with but by this time I still have to find two extra volunteers. 

When who appears,  in a glorious light, but the Dewey's.  I think their halos were shining extra bright tonight.  What a blessing they are to our family and our church.  I think you could ask them to do anything and they are always willing to serve in any area.

I proceed to get down on my knees and beg them to help me.  No, not really I did state my need and they were willing to pitch in.  Then I found out that Calvin (who is always ready to serve) was willing to help so Gail lucked out and didn't have to. 

By this time you could say I was a little flustered about the whole situation. So I am wondering what is God trying to teach me?????

Teaching Moments: Grocery Store Edition

So the other day a friend recommend that I read this blog post.  I thought it was great so I got permission to share it.  Mrs. Friend probably recommended it because I do whatever it takes to go shopping by myself.  I would actually just rather not go and starve than to have to take my children.  I call this my alone time for the week. Taking my kids to Walmart usually causes a stress attack. lol  Obviously I have a lot to learn.  Here is the blog that I got this post from:

I took my kids to the grocery store with me for the first time in like three weeks. They were sick, I was sick, we were out of town, etc. I forgot how much I enjoy going to the store with them. I know I am a rare breed in this category, but I find the grocery experience offers a wealth of teaching moments with them - and for that reason, we go. For the most part they behave too - but that's not the point....

Teaching moments.

So what do I teach them while shopping for our food?

Well, first off, we learn how to shop - how to pick fruit, how to check prices, how to get ingredients, look at labels, etc... We don't cover all these basis, but I am sure when a stranger sees me in the store with my kids they think I am a loon because I am just chatting away with them about rice, or meat, or how to chose a perfect apple. I am sure it must have been especially funny when Georgia was a little baby.... I would hold up different produce items to her and let he check them out, all the while telling her all about them. She had no idea what was going on, but I was laying the foundation for her for when she would understand - which comes a lot quicker than you would expect!

The next big thing I teach them while at the store, is how to interact with people. We are saying things like: excuse me, thank you, please, how are you, I am well thank you, what's your name, etc... They see me strike up a conversation with the checker, the bagger, the deli person, a random lady shopping, and it teaches them how to engage people. Georgia is at the age now where I make her ask for our lunch meat - or greet the checker. Just because they are small does not mean they can't engage an adult in conversation. We do not allow shyness to be a crutch; we call it rude in our home.

I teach them self-control. This is a lesson that I am not so joyful to have to teach, and thankfully it is not a weekly occurrence for me. Tank is mostly in this phase of grocery training - Georgia's moments are more in the form of showing restraint while buying things. But Henry..... There are moments when he is just crazy - trying to stand in the cart, screaming, etc... I stop what we are doing, pinch his cute little baby thigh and say to him, "bud, you need to control yourself." He will cry a bit more, but usually will calm down. It hasn't gotten to the point where I need to leave yet - but I would leave - the cart, the food, etc. and lastly, Thankfulness. After we are done - the groceries are loaded in the car - everyone is buckled - I say, "Thank you Lord for being the great provider and giving us the money to buy all of this food, GOD YOU ARE SO GOOD TO US, AMEN!" I want my children to have a heart that is full of gratitude toward the care and goodness of God in our life. Grocery shopping happens so often that we fail to realize how amazing it is - that we have the means to walk into a building and feast on whatever our minds can think of to make - and that God has given Jeff a job that provides the funds to walk in and purchase whatever we desire to eat for the week! God is certainly good!

Thankfulness produces awe and wonder - awe and wonder produces reverence, reverence produces a proper understanding of God's holiness, and in tern, creates a hunger in us for righteous living! O how Jeff and I desire for our kids to walk in that! Modeling thankfulness is so critical!

So why am I sharing this?... It's a long post I know.

I just want to encourage you to not let the idea of potential inconvenience rob you from some really amazing moments with your kids. And don't be discouraged by their bad behavior in the beginning. Kids are resilient and can be taught to do anything if you are consistent and determined enough! The best times in life to train and teach your kids are while you are out in the field - doing whatever you do - being who you are... As scary as that may seem at times (hahaha) be mindful to make the most of every situation and place you go with them; always looking for opportunities to make much of Christ, to show kindness and gentleness to others, and to obtain general life skills! I think you will find that the thing you once dreaded becomes your greatest joy.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday

I decided to participate in Not Me Monday.  I just want all of you to be able to feel better about yourself. 

This would never happen at my house......

The fedex man would not come ringing the doorbell at 10 on a Friday morning.  And when he did this I would never start yelling at the kids to not open the door.  Because of course I would be completely ready for the day and just go open the door myself.  I would never go to the door with a robe on that wasn't quiet covering the old pair of my husband's micky mouse boxers.  They really do look like a pair of shorts except that the whole hem is coming out of them and they are little fraid.  What can I say they are really comfortable.  To bad you can't sign for a package without actually having to open the door.  I can just imagine what the Fed Ex Man sees on his route. 

Sorry Mr. Fed Ex Man.... I will try to look a little bit better next time.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


So since it is Spring Break I decided to try and go do something fun with the boys.  Really it had nothing to do with the fact that it was going to rain all day and they were going to drive me crazy.  There were lots of people there that we knew which made it nice for me.  Everyone wants to hold the cute baby.  He is just irrestistable.  Just look at those cute cheeks.  He was totally teasing Angie.  He would reach for her and when she would reach back he would turn his head and then smile really big.  He is already figuring out how to work a crowd. lol 

Mrs. Angie and Ti
Mrs. Angie and Abby.  I looooooove this picture.
Noah all ready to go.  He brought his own inline skates to use.
Asher and Andrew
Kadyn getting ready.
We saw Mrs. Kelly, Andrew KDP teacher.  She took Andrew for a lap around.  They had these really neat things that the kids could hang on to while they skated. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Husband Rocks Friday

My Husband Rocks Friday because he is willing to go outside and play in the snow with the kids while I stay in the warm cozy house.

Yes it is the start of Spring Break and we have 12 inches, at least, of snow.

Did you notice the new coverall.  They cover the boots completely.  I got them on sale.  woohoo
Dad give me a push please.

It has been a while since I laughed this much.

"Yes, I can do this.  I know I am as agile as my kiddos"
"I just need to get situated."
"Okay, maybe it is harder than it looks."
"Dad, what seems to be the problem?  Do I need to show you how to do it?"
"No,  I can do this by myself"
"See, this isn't so hard"
"Here let me help you with a push"
"Okay maybe this is harder than I think.  I QUIT"

Oh if we were just young again.........

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bunk Beds - The Way To Go?????

We have a bunk bed that is falling apart in the boys room.  Literally,  some of the metal has been broken off leaving sharp edges.  One of the reason I liked the current bed was that it has a full bed on the bottom and a twin on the top.  Of course the main reason I liked it was because it was cheap.  It has lived out the couple of hundred dollars that I paid for it.  So, if you were buying a kids bed what would you choose.

Current Bed

Pay no attention to the miscellaneous stuff underneath the bed.

Option One:  This one was two twins but a pull out trundle.

Options 2:  This one has a full bed on the bottom and it also has some extra draws.

If you don't like either one of these options you could always go to this website kids beds and let me know which one you like best.  They have lots to choose from. 

A pro for either one of these bed is that the kids can't stuff toys underneath them and the dog also can't steal candy and hide under the bed and leave all her crumbs.  Let's just say you probably wouldn't want to know what all is under their bed right now.

Something else to think about is are they getting too old for bunk beds.  At what point is this going to seem babyish to them?????

Let me know your thoughts..


So our dog that stays at our house only half of the time thinks we have people invading our yard.  Those snow people can be really dangerous.    He came home while we were working on them and he started barking at them even before he got into the yard.

He doesn't think we realize how dangerous these people can be.

"I've got my eyes on you"

"You don't really smell like anything"

Well if you ever have snowmen invade your yard and you need a protector we have the dog for you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break

What do you do on the first day of Spring Break?  Build a snowman of course.  Our 13 inches of snow was perfect for it.  We all went out while Ti was taking his nap. 

Ti after he got up from his nap watched through the door.
Noah made a big seat out of the snow.

Here is our perfect snowman.

I can't count the times that I heard "well if Dad was here he could do that or Dad would pack it really good".   blah, blah, blah  Really mom is just as good as Dad is with these things I just haven't had as much practice.  It was quiet funny Noah and I trying to get the middle of the snowman in place.  I guess we could have used a little of Dad's muscles.

It is suppose to be nice the rest of the week.  We are going camping this weekend.  Should have lots to post about when I get back.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My parents came into town yesterday so they stopped by.  The boys were super excited to see them. 

Ti is teaching Papaw the fine art of Patti Cake.  Papaw was informed that he was not saying it correctly by Andrew. 

Ti really didn't like the snow

Snow Ball Fight

Monday, March 22, 2010

Serving Together

So if you are lucky enough to be in the Disheroon's connection group you get to do ministry projects. lol  We try to do one or two each semester.  We chose to help out at the church this time.  We have created some new Sunday school classrooms.  All the sheet rock that was ready, we put the base coat of paint on it.  Since there was six of us painting at the same time it really didn't take us that long. 

Doesn't Amanda look happy to serve.  Just to let you know her gifts don't lie in the painting area.  I teased her that she was going to have to babysit the kids next time.  lol  It's the effort that counts right.

Doesn't she look lovely.  This picture makes me laugh.
This is the best picture I got of Brian.  oops

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cool Like That

I had another moment where God was cool.  A few weeks ago I received an email asking for people to make meals for a family that is going through a difficult time.  I am usually all about making a meal but this time I procrastinated until all the slots were filled.  After receiving the email of who had volunteered for each day I was feeling a little guilty for my lack of response so I decided to try to help someone else make a meal.  After looking down the list two names popped out to me.  Trying to decide who I wanted to ask was such a big decision for me.  If you could only see how many things were going through my brain.  I will just admit it I am really weird like that.  So after thinking and thinking I finally made a decision.  Called this certain person up and volunteered to make the dessert and drinks.

Last night I called to see how she wanted me to get the dessert and drinks to her.  While on the phone I discovered that her grandmother was fixing to pass so she would have to call me if something happened.  Upon hearing this I knew instantly why God wanted me to volunteer for this day.  I quickly volunteered to make the whole meal.  It was not by chance that I had bought extra meat at the grocery store last Saturday.  God knew in advance what was needed.  Isn't he just cool like that.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Away

So last weekend I went on our church's women's retreat.  (is that even correct to have two possessive words in a row, anywho)  Over 24 hours without holding, changing or feeding a baby.  I missed the kiddos but it was really nice just to be responsible for myself for just a little while.  We got to Branson about 6:00 on Friday and left Branson about 7:30 on Saturday. 

Kendra and I spent the last half of the day on Saturday shopping.  I got a few new items.  One of the items I am super excited about is a cupcake  holder/carrier that hold 24 cupcakes. 

I really don't know why they don't make all cupcake holders this way.  Do they really expect you to eat that extra 12 cupcakes before they need to be delivered somewhere.  The ones I found on line were 30 dollars and I got mine for 15.  I was super excited.  Guess who is going to be volunteering to make cupcakes at the next class party.  I bought a few winter clothes for the boys for next winter because they were on sale.  I got a couple of outfits for myself also.  I wanted to get a new purse and a new pair of jeans also but nothing jumped out at me.  My other bargain of the day was a pair of black boots that I bought at the bass store.  I looooooooove boots and I love them more when they are on sale for about 80 percent off. 

So now that I got to brag on all my good deals I guess I need to tell you what I learned.  Friday night when we got there we ate and then listened to a speaker.  She is a christian jew.  She told us all about the symbolism between the Jewish wedding ceremony and us the bride of Christ.  Which is all quiet interesting.  She then prayed a blessing over each one of us.  I will not lie I was a little weirded out during this time.  Me the good old southern baptist girl,  loud praying always makes me a little nervous.  Don't get me wrong I don't think she was doing something that was wrong I just wasn't in my comfort zone.  We got back to our rooms around midnight and then stayed up talking for another 2 hours.

The next morning we talked about spiritual gifts.  I have done a test before but couldn't remember what it had said.  After looking down the list I knew which ones I would like to have and guess what.  I didn't have them.  Doesn't mercy, evangelism, or faith sound super spiritual? You have to be close with God to have these right??? These were some of my lowest scores (rats).  It did not surprise me on the ones that I scored the highest, hospitality, and administration.  I think maybe God is preparing me for something. 

I knew without a doubt when I resigned at the church two years ago that I was suppose to do that.  I had always said that I wanted to use my talents in a christian organization so I was so confused when God made it so evident that I was not suppose to be there.  Now looking back God's plan was greater.  He knew that he was fixing to give us Ti.  It was not a coincidence that two weeks after they found my replacement we found out about our gift of Ti.  Now looking back at some of the things I went through in the next year His plan was the best.  I said all of this to say that I think God is fixing to put me back in the work force.  I am not for sure when or where but I think he is preparing my heart for that.  On the sheet below where we listed our gifts we were suppose to list our passions.  Without a second thought I put down church administration.  As I wrote that, I was thinking to myself, Bekah what?????  Do you really think God can do that?  Can God provide a way for you to be able to use the spiritual gifts that He has given you in a Christian organization?  I seem to put God in such a small box.  I really have no clue what His plan is but I am sure he has one. 

I was telling Tim about how I thought God is up to something and these were his words "so are you trying to warn me that you are fixing to go to work and make half the money that you usually charge"  I just laughed and said probably.   

I am really just writing this all down so that I can look back and see how God worked it out, I am sure that this doesn't interest most of the few readers that I have.
Here are a few pics of the weekend.