Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh Ye Of Little Faith

I am jumping for joy right now.  Really I am jumping up and down.  Okay I am not really jumping up and down at least not on the outside.  I am against any form of exercise. 

So I am sure you are dieing to know what I am so happy about.  Well it is not that our circulator pump went out yesterday so this is the third appliance we are having to replace in a two week period.  Never fear this morning a client unexpectedly called me and ask me to come to work so that is hopefully mostly paid for.  Enough about the bad stuff on to the good.

I am on the building and grounds committee at church.  I have a passion for keeping God's building up to par.  For everyone that  knows me well, knows that I really like to get things accomplished.  So one of the projects that I have been working on is the drainage issue in our playground area.  I really want the church to have a nice area for the children to play.  Because of a lack of good planning when we built the new building we now have a pool instead of a playground.  I won't say who is responsible for this because I really don't know but it really irks me that no one realized this was going to be a problem.  aargh.(i'm a little bitter)  Anyway we have one of the civil engineers in our church draw up a plan to fix the problem.   He sent it to me and the rest of the building and grounds team yesterday for approval so he could start getting bids on it. 

On my way to work I was praying about the situation.  I was telling God how I thought it was really important to have a nice play area but I didn't see a way in the world that we were going to be able to cover the cost to get it fixed.  Compared to the leaking roof I knew this wouldn't be a high priority.  So I happened to mentioned that if he could just get someone to volunteer to do it that would be great.  (i really didn't think this would be a high priority to God either but it never hurts to ask.  right?)

Guess WHAT.  I get a phone call from someone else on the building and grounds this morning.  He talked to his dad late last night and his father wants to volunteers to fix it for us.  He does this kind of thing for a living. All we need to do is rent the equipment and pay for the supplies.  HALLELUJAH (i have no idea how to spell that word).  Isn't God cool like that!!!!!!!


Momx6 said...

I think you spelled it right - and I say with you, Hallelujah! God is great and so good to listen to the desires of our hearts!

Cassie said... said...

well, since you seem to be on the inside track with God right now...could you metion the foyer and the bathrooms?