Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday

I decided to participate in Not Me Monday.  I just want all of you to be able to feel better about yourself. 

This would never happen at my house......

The fedex man would not come ringing the doorbell at 10 on a Friday morning.  And when he did this I would never start yelling at the kids to not open the door.  Because of course I would be completely ready for the day and just go open the door myself.  I would never go to the door with a robe on that wasn't quiet covering the old pair of my husband's micky mouse boxers.  They really do look like a pair of shorts except that the whole hem is coming out of them and they are little fraid.  What can I say they are really comfortable.  To bad you can't sign for a package without actually having to open the door.  I can just imagine what the Fed Ex Man sees on his route. 

Sorry Mr. Fed Ex Man.... I will try to look a little bit better next time.

1 comment:

Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

that's what you get for using fed ex-shame shame :)

We are having to use fed ex for some of our adoption stuff and it makes david so made to pay them-hehe