Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's a Mom To Do?

I am positive that my kid's attitutude is determined by what their sibling is doing.  For instance, this week Andrew has been extra good so therefore of course Noah has to be a total snot.  Sunday morning after church the children's church teacher comes up to me and wants to brag on my little sweet Andrew.  Andrew is the prayer of our children.  He prays at every meal if we are at our house or a guest at someone elses house.  He has a list of people he prays for on every occasion.  He never forgets any of them and you are not taken off the list unless you have been healed.  Well I guess he amazed everyone in children church Sunday with his awesome praying ability.   Well maybe amazed is a strong word but this is my blog so I will tell it how I want to.  He didn't even go over his list obviously this Sunday, he prayed about what the lesson was about.  So I stick my chest out and claim him as my son.  So of course this means Noah has had the hormones of a a teenager this week.  Seriously I don't know what I am going to do with this child when he is actually a teenager.  He is the sweet angel until he gets home with his parents and brothers.  Then this alien child comes out with fit throwing, hitting and lots and lots of crying.  Needless to say there has been very little TV and video games.  The problem is that he doesn't actually believe me.  I am going to do what I say I will do.  If he doesn't quit the crying I am not letting him watch TV or play video games.  Really, what a mom to do?  aargh


Cassie said... said...

Just gets worse and worse and worse...and then they move out!

Allyce Ann Johnson said...

I think that's why they become teenagers before they move out. When they are little we can't imagine them leaving! Then the attitude comes and we are ready for them to go. I don't think that's an accident!

Anonymous said...

i guess they will balance out in the end, but then our hormones go insane! what's a mom to do?