Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bunk Beds - The Way To Go?????

We have a bunk bed that is falling apart in the boys room.  Literally,  some of the metal has been broken off leaving sharp edges.  One of the reason I liked the current bed was that it has a full bed on the bottom and a twin on the top.  Of course the main reason I liked it was because it was cheap.  It has lived out the couple of hundred dollars that I paid for it.  So, if you were buying a kids bed what would you choose.

Current Bed

Pay no attention to the miscellaneous stuff underneath the bed.

Option One:  This one was two twins but a pull out trundle.

Options 2:  This one has a full bed on the bottom and it also has some extra draws.

If you don't like either one of these options you could always go to this website kids beds and let me know which one you like best.  They have lots to choose from. 

A pro for either one of these bed is that the kids can't stuff toys underneath them and the dog also can't steal candy and hide under the bed and leave all her crumbs.  Let's just say you probably wouldn't want to know what all is under their bed right now.

Something else to think about is are they getting too old for bunk beds.  At what point is this going to seem babyish to them?????

Let me know your thoughts..


Whoz Your Doula said...

Personally I like option one. I have your current one but, I used to have #1. My 13 yr old does not mind the bunk, so I'm not sure when they get tired of them. I think it's whatever they are used to really. The only problem with the trundle is that you have to pull it out every night. Sometimes I just had two on the bottom bunk. The space under the bed is such a waste, might as well be used. Nice blog by the way!

Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

We have the twin on top with the full on bottom which I like. If they are sick, there's room for me to crawl in with them. But I really like the storage drawer on the pictures you have. Do any of them "unbunk" for when they're older and tired of it? That might be a good option.