Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cool Like That

I had another moment where God was cool.  A few weeks ago I received an email asking for people to make meals for a family that is going through a difficult time.  I am usually all about making a meal but this time I procrastinated until all the slots were filled.  After receiving the email of who had volunteered for each day I was feeling a little guilty for my lack of response so I decided to try to help someone else make a meal.  After looking down the list two names popped out to me.  Trying to decide who I wanted to ask was such a big decision for me.  If you could only see how many things were going through my brain.  I will just admit it I am really weird like that.  So after thinking and thinking I finally made a decision.  Called this certain person up and volunteered to make the dessert and drinks.

Last night I called to see how she wanted me to get the dessert and drinks to her.  While on the phone I discovered that her grandmother was fixing to pass so she would have to call me if something happened.  Upon hearing this I knew instantly why God wanted me to volunteer for this day.  I quickly volunteered to make the whole meal.  It was not by chance that I had bought extra meat at the grocery store last Saturday.  God knew in advance what was needed.  Isn't he just cool like that.

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Cassie said... said...

so why didn't you pick me?