Saturday, March 6, 2010

Recipe Card Holder

So I am looking for a recipe card holder.  I would like one that you slide your recipes in plastic sleeves and you can stand the book up on your cabinet.  I have seen the one I want given at a shower (Really I was not coveting because Andrew says the Bible says we shouldn't want what someone else has. What kind of rubbish are they teaching my children in church.) before so I am going to ask the  person who got the gift where she purchased it at.  I have been doing a little research (tim is rubbing off on me) and I thought the following items where neat ideas.



This picture shows the recipe holder opened so that if you flip the rings to the outer edges it will stand

up on your kitchen counter! Note: The recipe card displayed in this image was a purchased recipe card.

You can use standard white or pastel colored 4x6 ruled index cards as well.

You can purchase the harder outside covers from a place on the net but I thought they were a little bit pricey.  I think I might could make a cheaper version.  I think this would be a cool wedding present.  The women hosting the shower could all put their favorite recipes in it.  I would love to get a gift like that.  hint, hint  Not that I plan on having another wedding shower but if anyone wants to send me their favorite recipe on a card I would love it.

Here is a neat craft that children could make in a Sunday School class for Mother's day or a special project.

Easy Recipe Holder

This Easy Recipe Holder is a great gift for the women in our lives! It doubles as a functional craft AND a card for that special lady. Great for Mother's day for preschoolers on up!
Here's what you'll need...

• 16 craft sticks

• 2 clothespins

• Glue

• Paint and brush

• Foam Stickers (optional)

• Recipe card or paper

Here's how you make it...

1. Paint your craft sticks and clothes pins, any color you wish!

2. Once the paint is dry, place your clothespins beside each other a few inches apart. Put glue along each clothespin and glue 8 clothespins on one side, and 8 clothespins on the other side.

3. Once the glue is dry it is time to decorate your recipe holder. We used foam flower stickers, which you can buy for $1-$2 at a craft or discount department store. Use any decorations you have, paint something or just leave it as is.

4. Now it's time to write out your special "recipe". We wrote a special recipe for Mom. Write your own to suit, or cut and paste ours, print it out and insert it into the clothespins of your recipe holder.

Recipe for a Great Mom

1 cup of Love

1 cup of hugs

½ cup of kisses

¾ cup of smiles

Pinch of Sunshine

Mix all the ingredients together and you get one great Mom like you!

I also like this one


Mom2three said...

What cute holders and fantastic idea!

I keep mine in a 3 ring binder (full pages) in clear page protectors. This way they don't get food on them and I can put two pages per protector. I have a small tin on my counter that I keep recipe cards in that were given to me. I don't use it much, but some of the recipes are priceless to me. I do have a acrylic cookbook stand that I use constantly and love. I'm sure this isn't what you're talking about. but

Momx6 said...

I always chuckle at some point in reading your blog. Thank you being REAL!

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow the hoop one is super easy and very creative. YOu can just flip to the one you need. I love it. I don't cook enough to need a recipe holder, but I sure wish i did:) Thanks for the prayers.

Ren said...


These are amazing. Simple, amazingly moist and great flavor! There are many different kinds of Recipe Cards you can choose from. Thanks a lot....

Sweet Fairy said...
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Robert Pierce said...

Thank you for the step by step instructions to making a recipe card holder. I really like the one with the hoop.