Saturday, March 27, 2010


So since it is Spring Break I decided to try and go do something fun with the boys.  Really it had nothing to do with the fact that it was going to rain all day and they were going to drive me crazy.  There were lots of people there that we knew which made it nice for me.  Everyone wants to hold the cute baby.  He is just irrestistable.  Just look at those cute cheeks.  He was totally teasing Angie.  He would reach for her and when she would reach back he would turn his head and then smile really big.  He is already figuring out how to work a crowd. lol 

Mrs. Angie and Ti
Mrs. Angie and Abby.  I looooooove this picture.
Noah all ready to go.  He brought his own inline skates to use.
Asher and Andrew
Kadyn getting ready.
We saw Mrs. Kelly, Andrew KDP teacher.  She took Andrew for a lap around.  They had these really neat things that the kids could hang on to while they skated. 

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Cassie said... said...

what fun! we plan to hit the rink on our vacation in a couple of weeks. The boys have been begging to go.