Wednesday, March 31, 2010

God Must Be At Work

I am trying to figure out if God's trying to teach me patience and grace or is he just trying to prove to me that he is in control no matter how I plan things.

So earlier in the week I get a message that the stage that we use in Awana will not be at it's usual state for Wednesday night.  No big deal... I can  manage.

Tuesday - email from one of the puppetiers he has to work late and will not be able to make it Wednesday night.  No big deal......Tim can fill in.

Wednesday NIGHT - Go into the theater to start setting up.  No scripts.  No big deal....  I go to look for them.  Meet one of the other puppetiers and am informed that he isn't going to help tonight because the youth pastor asked him to do something.  (I got dumped for a better job)  Go into the church and am not able to find the scripts.  Am informed by another one of the puppetiers that we aren't having puppets tonight.  WHAT !!!! No one informed me of this.  I have nothing else prepared.  (Okay, so if you know me you know that I really like to be prepared)   I have to then go find the person I emailed the scripts to to see where he has printed them out at.  This results in me digging through his trash and making my own copies.  Which I am okay with but by this time I still have to find two extra volunteers. 

When who appears,  in a glorious light, but the Dewey's.  I think their halos were shining extra bright tonight.  What a blessing they are to our family and our church.  I think you could ask them to do anything and they are always willing to serve in any area.

I proceed to get down on my knees and beg them to help me.  No, not really I did state my need and they were willing to pitch in.  Then I found out that Calvin (who is always ready to serve) was willing to help so Gail lucked out and didn't have to. 

By this time you could say I was a little flustered about the whole situation. So I am wondering what is God trying to teach me?????

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