Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beach Pics 2011

I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to get a family beach picture on vacation. 

Here is what I learned.
1.  The wind is always blowing when you are by the water....this makes for very bad hair.
2.  You really need someone taking the pictures who knows what they are doing....which isn't me
3.  The most important lesson...two year old children can not be bribed enough to get a good picture while at the beach.

You will see this wild hair in all pictures with me in them....BOOOOOOO

Ti really wanted to help get his brother UNSTUCK.

At first he thought he wanted to be covered like his brother....then he changed his mind.  He really didn't want to lay down in the sand.

 We spent most of our time chasing this sweet thing to try to get him in the picture.  He thought it was quite not so much.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

All About Alligators

We enjoyed going to the alligator farm once again.  Really who doesn't enjoy holding alligators.

Yes, I actually got in a pictures....  I think Noah and I kind of look alike.

 Even Ti got into the action.  He wasn't to thrilled with it.

 The boys really were good about helping out with Ti. 

There I am again.  I just wanted to prove that I went on vacation too.

Nannie is getting her workout carrying Ti.  It was hot and he was tired.
Of course the boys enjoyed the snake also.

We ended the day with eating at Lamberts.  It was super yummy.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Naval Museum

While at the air show we visited the museum.  Most of the pictures are of Ti...Well he is so stinkin cute and I was the one that had the camera and also the one that was chasing him while the others were riding a ride.

He liked pretending he was driving the planes.

Yes....he is looking through them backwards.  lol
 Big brother comes to the rescue to show him the proper technique.  Both big brothers are really good at helping out with Ti.  They did a great job on vacation with doing their share of chasing a two year old.