Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun at the Lake

My BIL and SIL were gracious enough to let their nephews (at least the older two) spend the night.  The boys were so excited.  The next day we met them at my SIL parent's lake house.  They have the perfect set up for the kids to have a great time.

 Can you tell that Ti had been eating a chocolate chip cookie?

 I got this swimsuit for Ti thinking it would work out great.  I guess I got the to SMALL size.  Needless to say it went back to Walmart.

All the kids love the swing.

Even the big kids

Needless to say it works better for those under five feet tall.

Noah was trying to swing out far enough to hit his Aunt Steph.

Ti didn't get his nap out.

Even Dad played a little.

Thanks to Uncle Matt & Aunt Steph and Steve & Sandy for a great day on the lake.

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