Friday, July 8, 2011


We had our nieces over for the night so we were trying to be super cool, favorite aunt and uncle.

We ate at McDonald (gag) and then went home and had a bomb fire complete with smores.

He is just to least he thinks he is.

I wonder where they get that sideways look from??????

 No night would be complete without a little tree climbing.

Yes... that is a roasted marshmallow not a lump of coal.

I guess this is what happens when a girl catches a lightening bug.   When the boys catch one they pull off their tale and stick in on their face somewhere.  I will have to get use to the whole girl thing once we have one at our house.

There's that sideways look again.  It comes in all ages.

I could just kiss these cute little cheeks.

And these too.

I tried to get the girls to take a picture with me... I was going to post it and say the girls had to have a picture with their FAVORITE AUNT.  They declined...WHAT'S UP WITH THAT????


mustard seed said...

you are a cool aunt and uncle! fun night! that sideways look is a classic Tim expression

Cassie said... said...

Ty is growing like a weed! He's starting to get that boy look already!