Thursday, January 7, 2016

Explosions, Crayons, Puke....and oh God's goodness

The first pic is just so everyone else can feel good about themselves.  Ha  You know that feeling you get while on your elliptical working out eating a candybar and watching Hoarders....doesn't everyone do that.  Let me just tell you it gives a person this wonderful "my house is better than theirs feeling. My house is clean.  I am skinny" That is if you are one of those people that likes to compare.  ;)  Of course I am not talking from experience.

You know it is trouble when your husband walks into the bedroom late at night an ask if you "are you already asleep".  Everyone knows not to wake a sleeping bear so it must be something big.  He then proceeds to tell you about a red crayon and a dryer incident.  :(  One of those lovely moments that you know you will get to wake up the next morning and start searching the internet for fixes.

Yes, the laundry room was already exploding with laundry...what is a little more that will need to be redone (that is if we can actually find a fix for the crayon issue)

This is where God's goodness shows up.  Of course I don't have time to address the laundry issue before I leave for work so we get everyone ready and head out the door.  I leave in time to take the older boys for donuts....because that is just what the Disheroons do on Thursday mornings.  In line at the donut shop I get the sweetest call.  The phone ringing drowns out the voice in my head that keeps on saying "I kicked sugar's bootie"  Thanks to our children's directors facebook post.  Sorry that was a total back to my story.   Tim - " You will need to come home.  Our newest guest just threw up.  It is chunky"  Great just what I needed

But this is the best part....he was asleep when I returned home.  God had given me the extra time I needed to address the laundry issue.  I had been in the laundry room the night before praying that God would give me more energy to complete everything that needed to be done.  There just wasn't enough hours in the day.....And then a miracle happened.  He gave me the extra time I needed at home.  I am wasting some of it by writing this post....but one has to play a little right?  

God's blessings sometimes come in a manner that we would have never expected.  Today he chose to use puke to give me the time I needed in my laundry room.

So now that you know how God blessed me today....let me tell you how I was able to get red crayon out of a whole lot of laundry.

See above laundry sink....everyone must have one.  Seriously, I don't know how families with children survive without them.  I can't measure the amount of puke or poop that has went down that drain.  It's a saviour for those baseball pants that have to be soaked.

Step 1 - Put part of the clothes in the sink with the drain plugged....because all the clothes wouldn't fit.  My family likes to REALLY pack the washer.  Hopefully you don't smell us because are clothes probably never really get clean.  Okay, lets continue.  

Pour both vinegar and dawn all over the clothes.  Then fill the sink full of all hot water.  You know the kind that will burn your hand if you stick it down in it.  This will need to soak for a while.  When I say "a while" that would mean go clean your bathroom and come back.

Squeeze out laundry and put in washer.  Fill bleach holder with vinegar and put laundry soap in with the clothes.  The internet mentioned that you should put extra soap in the washer.  Do not do this!!!  I repeat do not do this if you have a front load washer.  Someone might have tried this before and filled her own laundry room's floor completely with bubbles.  Okay, go ahead and do it if you really need a clean laundry room floor and have a couple of extra hours of mop time.  

Use hot water for the wash cycle.  After this cycle is done...pray.  Then take each item of clothing out one at a time and inspect.  You will notice almost all the crayon is gone.  You will then start with step one again.  You will pray once again and instead of just regular hot water you will boil water on the stove to put in that wonderful utility sink that you have.  

While soaking you will sweep up a comb that a dog has chewed every tooth off of and then you will start putting a small quantity of clean clothing away so that you can walk into your laundry without tripping.  OR you could just watch your favorite show on TV.  You know whatever works for you.

After you dry your first set of  "clean" clothes you will notice that all of it didn't really come out so you will need to go to step one again.  But this time you will pour the Dawn and vinegar directly on the effected area boil more hot water and let them soak once again....and pray.  

I need to go pray be continued.