Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Away

So last weekend I went on our church's women's retreat.  (is that even correct to have two possessive words in a row, anywho)  Over 24 hours without holding, changing or feeding a baby.  I missed the kiddos but it was really nice just to be responsible for myself for just a little while.  We got to Branson about 6:00 on Friday and left Branson about 7:30 on Saturday. 

Kendra and I spent the last half of the day on Saturday shopping.  I got a few new items.  One of the items I am super excited about is a cupcake  holder/carrier that hold 24 cupcakes. 

I really don't know why they don't make all cupcake holders this way.  Do they really expect you to eat that extra 12 cupcakes before they need to be delivered somewhere.  The ones I found on line were 30 dollars and I got mine for 15.  I was super excited.  Guess who is going to be volunteering to make cupcakes at the next class party.  I bought a few winter clothes for the boys for next winter because they were on sale.  I got a couple of outfits for myself also.  I wanted to get a new purse and a new pair of jeans also but nothing jumped out at me.  My other bargain of the day was a pair of black boots that I bought at the bass store.  I looooooooove boots and I love them more when they are on sale for about 80 percent off. 

So now that I got to brag on all my good deals I guess I need to tell you what I learned.  Friday night when we got there we ate and then listened to a speaker.  She is a christian jew.  She told us all about the symbolism between the Jewish wedding ceremony and us the bride of Christ.  Which is all quiet interesting.  She then prayed a blessing over each one of us.  I will not lie I was a little weirded out during this time.  Me the good old southern baptist girl,  loud praying always makes me a little nervous.  Don't get me wrong I don't think she was doing something that was wrong I just wasn't in my comfort zone.  We got back to our rooms around midnight and then stayed up talking for another 2 hours.

The next morning we talked about spiritual gifts.  I have done a test before but couldn't remember what it had said.  After looking down the list I knew which ones I would like to have and guess what.  I didn't have them.  Doesn't mercy, evangelism, or faith sound super spiritual? You have to be close with God to have these right??? These were some of my lowest scores (rats).  It did not surprise me on the ones that I scored the highest, hospitality, and administration.  I think maybe God is preparing me for something. 

I knew without a doubt when I resigned at the church two years ago that I was suppose to do that.  I had always said that I wanted to use my talents in a christian organization so I was so confused when God made it so evident that I was not suppose to be there.  Now looking back God's plan was greater.  He knew that he was fixing to give us Ti.  It was not a coincidence that two weeks after they found my replacement we found out about our gift of Ti.  Now looking back at some of the things I went through in the next year His plan was the best.  I said all of this to say that I think God is fixing to put me back in the work force.  I am not for sure when or where but I think he is preparing my heart for that.  On the sheet below where we listed our gifts we were suppose to list our passions.  Without a second thought I put down church administration.  As I wrote that, I was thinking to myself, Bekah what?????  Do you really think God can do that?  Can God provide a way for you to be able to use the spiritual gifts that He has given you in a Christian organization?  I seem to put God in such a small box.  I really have no clue what His plan is but I am sure he has one. 

I was telling Tim about how I thought God is up to something and these were his words "so are you trying to warn me that you are fixing to go to work and make half the money that you usually charge"  I just laughed and said probably.   

I am really just writing this all down so that I can look back and see how God worked it out, I am sure that this doesn't interest most of the few readers that I have.
Here are a few pics of the weekend.


estes5family said...

glad you had a good time! love the boots and the cupcake holder. we didn't really shop much,but we enjoyed being lazy an extra day. very nice!

Cassie said... said...

I love the cupcake holder...I've been wanting one forever! I noticed your fancy pancy boots at business meeting.

Momx6 said...

It looks like everyone had a great time. I'm envious of the cupcake holder! And you are wrong, girl - it is a blessing to read what God is doing in and through you.

Karen L. said...

my computer is BACK!!!! i got that same cupcake holder last year for the same price....i've been making cupcakes for school parties for 10 years!!! (whew that sounds old) but the funny thing is...i forgot i had it after i bought it THEN i absolutely quit making cupcakes this year! you could have had mine!

i just love that picture of allyce and her mom...they are both just gorgeous!