Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where I am From

So I am trying to expand my horizons.  I was reading on Mary Kay's Blog and was presented with a challenge.  I am not a writer.  After all I am accountant...they are not suppose to have to write just count and do math.  So anyway Mary Kay is a writer and a very good one and I wanted to see if I could complete this writing assignment also.  Nothing like a good challenge.  Anyway so here is my attempt.

I am from blue ice cream at the local drug store, from beef Rice A Roni with rotel and buttered white bread.
I am from the old church parsonage with swinging doors between rooms and gold carpet.  From where the window rattle each time the train goes by because you are only two houses away from the tracks.  From where you are known by what side of the tracks you live on.
I am from honeysuckle bushes in the back yard (oh the sweetness), and pecan trees all around.  From where the rice fields are flooded and the mosquitoes are so thick you can hit hundreds as you twirl around in circles with your arms held wide.
I am from eating dinner together at the table each night and saying the blessing beforehand, from Granny Younger's chocolate gravy, and Grandma Koone's pineapple upside down cake and Aint (just spelling it how it is pronounced) Lane's bread . 
I am from stubbornness and Godliness mixed up into one.
From "Telling the truth even if it takes the hide" and "Do whats right".
I am from Baptist three times a week attender.  If the doors are open we are going to be at the church.  From standing on a concrete block in the baptistry to be seen over the edge to playing hide and seek through out the old church building or skating around the poles on the concrete basement floors.
I'm from Pocahontas hospital that is now an old folks home, Tuckerman and its rice fields, and Osage with its mountains.  Thirty minutes from the closest Walmart and fifteen to the closest gas station.  Where one must always remember to get gas before you head home.  From where you have roast or fried chicken on Sundays along with mashed potatoes with whoever is the guest for that Sunday. 
From the IGA with the bottle rocket battles in the parking lot, the store that is only open when the sawmill is running and if you need ice just leave the money in the cooler.   From where if you do anything wrong your parents will know about it before you get home because everyone knows your father. 
I am from the desk drawer full of pictures.  Where you only have a few of when you were a child giving your sibling leverage to convince you that you were adopted.  Where the refrigerator was lined with three pictures are now is lined with grandchildren, eleven in all.

So that is where I from....Where are you from?

 So if you would like to participate and need the template click the link below.  I copied it from Mary Kay's blog.
From Mama Kat's Weekly Writing Workshop suggestion, .  Here is the original template.  A description of the exercise is herePretty please join in the fun, and write your own!!  Let me know if you do!

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