Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things are Wild and Crazy

What changes when you add two extra kids to the mix.

1.  It is impossible to keep up with the laundry and you might as well forget about getting the socks mated.  I am actually considering just buying all new ones.

2.  You will never eat a relaxing meal again.   

3.  It takes hours and I do mean hours to get everyone bathed and ready for bed.

4.  You can never have enough cereal in the pantry.

5.  The volume in your house is always and I do mean always very very loud.

6.  You need to start loading the car with kids at least ten minutes before you actually want to leave your house.

7.  And the very best thing that happens when you add an extra two kids to the mix.....God gives you super natural strength to get through the day when you are serving him.

This foster parent thing is definitely one of the most difficult things I have ever done but I have been blessed.  What a blessing it is to be able to tell a child that God made them and loves them that has never even heard about God before.  And when a child doesn't have a clue what you are all holding hands doing before you eat and then in just a few weeks reaches out to grab your hand before you say the prayer at supper.  Or to be putting clothes on a little girl and she reaches up and gives you a big kiss and a smile and at that point you know what she is thinking even though she is not able to communicate with you verbally.  Yes words just can't express just how blessed I am.


mustard seed said...

completely awesome!

Jessica said...

Loved this post! So admire you and foloowing God in opening your home. : )

Rebekah said...

This post....I just love it! I think it is soooooo wonderful what your family is doing for those precious children! I know God will will bless you tremendously!