Friday, October 28, 2011

Noah's Broken Bones

So, I get a call Monday night around 8pm.  The voice on the other end says "Noah has broken his arm and we are headed to the emergency room"  It took me a while to realize she was not joking.  After football practice Noah had went with some friends to the skating rink.  While leaving the rink...yes I did say "while leaving"... Noah was walking on this little two foot ledge and lost his balance and fell.  

I told our friends to take him to Physicians' Specialty Hospital's emergency room and I would meet them there.  I might have drove a little fast.   All I could think of was that child was hurt and of course he needed his momma to be there.   On my way to the hospital I called the couple that we always call in an emergency.  The Deweys.... we are so blessed to have them in our lives.  They came over to keep the rest of the kids so Tim could head to the hospital and be with us.  At that point we didn't know how bad it was and how long we would be there.  They were already taking x-rays when I got there.  We decided to go ahead and have an IV so that Noah could have pain medication.

Everyone at the hospital was great.  I think the only time that Noah cried a little bit was when he got the IV.  Hallelujah the nurse got it on the first try. 

This is what I saw when I got to the hospital.
I always wondered how someone could know for sure that something was broken without taking and x-ray.  Now I know.  
They sent the x-rays to Dr. Cox and he looked at them on his home computer.  He came up to the hospital and set his arm before we went home.  Momma and Dad had to leave during this.  We were welcome to stay but I knew I wouldn't be able to handle it.  There is just something about seeing your baby in pain.

The above x-rays are before the bones were set and the ones below were after they were set. 

We went back to the doctor on Wednesday and the doctors said everything looked great and he will get his real cast in a week.  He has to wear a cast that goes above his elbow for about three weeks and then a short cast for about three more weeks.  Noah will not get to play his last two football games but we are hoping that by the time basketball season gets here he will be almost completely healed up.  If God chooses to speed up the healing process that would work well for us and his basketball team lol.  He can play sports with the shorter cast but of course it will just be a little more difficult.

Sorry if the whole xrays and broken bones is kinda gross I just wanted Noah to be able to look back and see it.

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