Saturday, October 8, 2011

Noah - Double Digits

I can't believe my first born is 10.   Where has the time gone?  
Noah wanted to have some friends over to play some flag football for his birthday party.  We ate pizza and he requested ice cream cake for the dessert.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Yes shirts are not required for a birthday party at the Disheroon's house.  I know we are just cool like that. hehe

For confidentiality we can't show Mr. "C" face on the Internet but how do you tell a four year old he can't be in the picture.  Hence the blurry face.

Noah has a couple of best buds.  They spent the night after the party.


I am so glad God decided to give you to us.  I am so very proud of you.  You seem to be good at anything you try.  Currently you are playing football but your favorite sport is basketball.  All your teachers talk about how smart and all around good kid you are.   When they talk about how they can trust you to do what's right that makes this Mommy's heart jump for joy.   You are not only very competitive in sports but also in anything else you try.  Currently you are trying to be the leader in your Awana group.  I hope as you get older your take all your God given abilities and your determination and do great thing for God.  I have noticed how your peers look to you for direction.  I know as you grow in your love of the Lord you will be directing those around you to the Jesus that you know.  When I hear you pray lately it seems that Jesus is becoming more and more real to you.  This makes a mommas heart jump for joy too.  Noah there are many, many things that you do to make me proud but nothing could make me prouder than to know you love Jesus and are one of his followers.  Noah I love you and am so happy I have been your mom for the last 10 years.

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